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Death of giants

Death of giants
Dull, heavy, slow-moving, clumsy ... So in the XVIII century, he described the dinosaurs German scientist Friedrich Theodor Fischer. Since then, both have been opened their first remains of dinosaurs enjoyed a very bad reputation: enormous creatures, weighing about a hundred tons, with a miniature brain, absolutely incapable of adapting to climate change, although inhabited our planet for a hundred and forty million years. Not surprisingly, they were doomed to die in accordance with the laws of natural selection and disappeared without leaving a trace.

So was it all? Paleontologists are increasingly speculating on this issue. Here, for example, the notorious "slowness" of the dinosaurs. English scientist R. Alexander of the University of Leeds, measuring the fossilized tracks left by some species of dinosaur, found that on four legs dinosaurs moved at a speed of four kilometers per hour and the speed of the dinosaurs, to move only on their hind legs, reached thirteen kilometers per hour. A paleontologist Robert Becker of the University of Baltimore says that the speed of movement of some species of dinosaurs could reach even fifty kilometers per hour.

Dynamism dinosaur paleontologists convinced many that these animals are classified for a long time as the reptiles were warm-blooded ... "They do not feel the need to periodically rest up in the sun to maintain the proper body temperature.

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