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Curse of the presidents

Curse of the presidents
US Presidents generally rich in all sorts of coincidences - in addition to the similar fate of Lincoln and Kennedy can trace the similarity of biographies of Hitler and Roosevelt, who lived at the same time. They were bitter enemies, but both came to power in 1933 with a difference of only one day. The day of inauguration of US President Roosevelt coincides with the day of the vote in the Reichstag on granting Hitler dictatorial powers. Roosevelt and Hitler were taken six years of his country out of a deep crisis, and then each of them, although his own way, led the country to prosperity. Both died in April 1945, with a difference of 18 days.

But that's not all:

Let's start in chronological order. Ninth President William Henry Harrison was elected in 1940, inagurirovan, as expected, 4 March next year. In mid-March, he developed pneumonia and 4 April Harrison died, having been in office one month.

In 1860, Abraham Lincoln was elected president. April 14, 1865 he went with his family to play "Our American Cousin." Ekstrimist Wilkie Booth picked up when all attention was fixed on the stage, podoshol to the president and shot at point blank range in the back of his head. Then he jumped on stage, shouting «Sic semper tyrannis,» the slogan of the State of Virginia, which means, "And so all tyrants." At 7:20 am the next day Lincoln died.

In 1880 he was elected James A. Garfield. On the morning of July 2, 1881, Garfield was preparing for a trip to New England. When he was waiting for the train at the railway station of Baltimore and Potomac in Washington, he was shot. Garfield was taken to the White House, which cared for him for three weeks, after which he moved to New Jersey, to the family. September 19, so never and not getting out of bed, he died.

William McKinley was selected for a second term in 1900. September 6, 1901, while greeting people at the fair, in the McKinley shot twice anarchist Leon Cholgozs. One bullet grazed the ribs and the other hit in the stomach. On Cholgozsa immediately pounced crowd, but only by order of McKinley was: "Do not let them beat him," that saved the murderer from death by the hands of the crowd. The next month he was executed, and the president, even after surgery, died of gangrene after eight days.

1920 - Warren Harding. Doctors insisted that he rest. The president's party stopped in San Francisco. There, at the Palace, 29 July 1923, at Harding suffered a stroke and died four days later. Despite the fact that no autopsy was not carried out, his doctor announced that President Harding died of embolism (perhaps he was poisoned).

Roosevelt selected as much for a fourth term in 1940, he has not often appeared in public as before. The forty-fourth year, many who saw him said he looked pale, thin and grown old. The election of 1940 he was severely weakened as a long trip to Yalta. In early spring 1945, he went to Warm Springs in Georgia to try to regain power there. There he died of severe brain hemorrhage April 12, 1945. Harry Truman took his place at the White House the same day.

Selected in 1960, John Kennedy went to Dallas, Texas, in order to raise her there its reputation, where the November 22, 1963 Lee Harvey Oswald fired at him when the president was riding in an open car with his wife.

1981 Ronald Reagan fired mentally deranged John Hinckley is found not guilty because of mental imbalance and sent to a psychiatric hospital. Reagan was shot in the chest, he is survived by miracle: all the latest advances in medical technology have been thrown to rescue life of the president.

Eight presidents selected at intervals of twenty years. All, without exception, have tried to kill, seven have died in office. According to the rules of statistics, it is generally not a coincidence ... What caused this cyclical deaths of American presidents? Let's go back to basics: the first in a series of dead was William Harrison, elected in 1840.

Harrison was a senator of Indiana until 1812. In 1802, he was instructed by President Jefferson to seize the territory of the indigenous inhabitants, but at the same time do not quarrel with them. Naturally, these two orders were simply incompatible, and Harrison fully fulfilled only the first decree. The leader of the tribe of Shawnee Tekumesh Teskvatava and his brother, known as the Seer, have formed an alliance of Native Americans who resisted the seizure of their lands.

A large group of Shawnee and some of its allies have settled at the confluence of the Tippecanoe and Wabash, in west central Indiana. Harrison received an order from the Department of War to break the alliance until it started no action against white. About a thousand people were under his command.

While Tekumesh was away, Harrison went into exile. He called the Seer to the talks in the camp about a mile from the village, but the Indians attacked the troops at sunset Harrison 7 nayabrya 1811. White pushed them, and when he reached the village and burned it.

Then Tekumesh Harrison sent, together with the prisoners, such a message, known as the Curse Tekumesha "Harrison will not win this year, and will not become a great leader. But he can win in the next. And if he wins ... He did not finish his reign. He will die vlastvuya "-" No president died in office "- objected to it. "And Harrison will die. I'm telling you. And when he dies, you will remember the death of my brother Tenskwatawa. Do you think he has lost his strength after his death? Those who caused the eclipse of the Sun and those who weaned from Red burning water? Harrison died. And after him, every great leader, selected twenty years, dies. And whenever Leader will die, let everyone remember the death of our people ... "

And so it happened: all attempts to kill the president, chosen in a year ending in zero, have led to the death of the incumbent. From diseases only presidents died in office selected in the year ending in zero.

In 2000, President George W. Bush was chosen. I wonder if he thought that now, perhaps, he did not survive, and the four years? And that, in fact, voted not only for him but also for the vice-president, who will become president after his death, as it was already seven times?

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