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"The curse of the pharaohs" or fatal accident?

The problem of preservation of the property of the Egyptian pharaohs, which they sent to the afterlife, yet excited the pyramid builders. Against burglars used ingenious traps system, false passages and chambers, and artificial zamurovok lzhegrobnits. But especially priests counted the terrible force of spells ...

Medieval Arab authors give their pages chronicles describe magical 'custody of the pyramids. " One of the tombs, for example, watched over a statue in his forehead which was covered "snakes", attacked anyone who approached; another pyramid guarded colossus carved of onyx black and white, with a spear in his hand. As soon appear uninvited stranger, like a dull sound was heard from the bowels of the statue, and the intruder fell dead. The third guard stone guard, who had such a mighty force that it knocked down and killed a man.

In addition to the statues, pyramids guarded by the spirits. Ancient sources sparingly mention about a "lord of the cemeteries." In one case, the spirit takes the form of a young man with long teeth, yellowed skin, in another case, it was a naked woman that her ghostly beauty attracted the robbers, and then sends them to the disastrous spell. Have you seen the "spirit of the pyramids," and as an old man who wandered around the tombs, swinging fire in the vessel type censers ...

"Spirits soar past in the valley of the dead ..." These warnings locals probably thought the English explorer James Brooke, when one of the nights in the Valley of the Kings in 1768 it swept the sudden panic. Brooke ran headlong, and just ahead of zablestevshie Nile water forced him to breathe a sigh of relief. But just to get to his boat and pushed off from the shore, he felt like a man who had returned to life.

The fact that the ancient Egyptians were applied to the special curse of the tomb, the Europeans became aware only at the end of the last century, when it was deciphered most ancient Egyptian texts. But then this value is not given, and the "curse of the Pharaohs" remembered only in connection with the events surrounding the tomb of Tutankhamen. When archaeologists opened it, we saw standing at the sealed doors of the royal tombs of two black statue guards with gilded heads. Their appearance reminiscent of an old Arab describe magical 'custody of the pyramids "...

After opening the tomb began a series of strange deaths. A few months later, Lord Carnarvon died suddenly, one of the leaders of the excavation. It was followed on the publication of his brother, friend, nurse ... In total there are 21 "victim" of the tomb of Tutankhamen. the hypothesis has been put forward in the late 1950s that the cause of the mysterious deaths gistoplazmozis virus is contained in the droppings of bats, which have penetrated into the tomb of Tutankhamun through the gaps left by the ancient robbers. This virus was allegedly careless "reopened its" researchers. However, the failure of this hypothesis was quickly proved: bats just could not get into the tomb, as the hole made by the robbers, was filled with more than three thousand years ago.

Meanwhile, cases of "Revenge of the Pharaohs" were awarded prior history with Tutankhamun. So, B. Henderson, the doctor of the East India Company, was kidnapped in 1805 in Thebes two mummies, a year has gone mad. Swede F. Lidman, traveled to Egypt, gathered a large collection of objects looted from tombs. But he had prepared for shipment to Europe collection suddenly burned in a warehouse in Istanbul.

Strange stories occur with ordinary robbers, at your own risk penetrating into the tomb. Many years' life on loan "live gravediggers seeking treasures in the underground tombs of the Pharaonic era. The gloomy spirit hovering over Jabal Abu sire - a vast desert plateau on which there are more than 5,000 ancient tombs. Nedra this tract of nearly half a century are a real Eldorado for scientists and treasure hunters. But already at the beginning of the excavation is one of the treasure hunters had filled them in disturbed tomb suddenly the failed pile of earth. After the first misfortune was followed by others. Several people suffocated in underground tunnels. In one of the tombs in the rubble died just fourteen hunters Since then, among gravediggers There is a grim warning:

"Beware! Jabel call you! "Few of them die a natural death, but to replace the victim immediately come two newcomers ...

One of the latest victims of the "curse of the Pharaohs" was the Egyptian archaeologist Mohamed Zakaria Ghoneim, who made a number of important discoveries in the years 1952-1954. He, in particular, opened and examined the pyramid of Pharaoh Sekhemkhet, son and heir of the builder of the first pyramid of Djoser. Then when clearing the underground passage is one of the stone blocks of the ceiling suddenly collapsed and buried under a desktop. And in 1957, he died tragically Ghoneim.

Four thousand years ago, in a letter to the heir to one of the descendants of the pharaohs as instructed: "Do not destroy the tombs, not destroy, not destroy. Here I have done so, and according to the deeds of my God do this to me ... "

The mystery of "curse of the Pharaohs" is discussed for a long time. Skeptics generally indicate that the Egyptian pyramids "mastered" robbers and archaeologists already at least three thousand years, so establish a "pioneer" burial chambers of the pharaohs and trace its fate is impossible in 99 cases out of a hundred. But here in front of us "blank page" - Indian pyramid in Mexico.

The surprising similarity of the pyramids on both sides of the Atlantic have long attracted the attention of researchers. But besides the architectural and "sacred" similarities do they have similar mystical - in other words, whether there is the phenomenon of "Curse of the Tombs" in America?

It is known that the first explorers of the Indian pyramid in the Yucatan are Americans John Lloyd Stephens and Samuel Cabot and English artist Frederick Kazervud. In their expedition in 1841 they helped the local priest E. Carrillo. In the town of Ticul, archaeologists uncovered several Indian pyramids and took the skull and bones of the anthropological museum. And what? With the attacks of severe malaria, one after another fell, all three researchers. The disease had an unusually severe form, accompanied by a 40-degree temperature, severe bouts of fever. For archaeologists fever struck the servant of Albino, ill and Father Carrillo. Last, tossing unconscious, shouting: "Give those bones! Return the stolen bones! "

All patients survived, but recovered immediately left Ticul. However, a new attempt to explore the tomb in another village, Shtampake led to new violent attacks of the disease. In addition vicious quarrel began, seriously ill Indian porter among the members of the expedition - he had to do the operation. As a result, members of the expedition literally ran away, pursued by disease, strife, and his own fear.

So if there is the phenomenon of the "curse of the Pharaohs"? The unequivocal answer is no. Of course, much of what is happening with the researchers and the robbers of tombs can be considered a coincidence. But too many of these matches ...

New food for solving the mystery of the pyramids can give the recent sensational discovery: the pyramids discovered in China!

This discovery was made several years ago by two Australians, who accidentally discovered more than a hundred overgrown with grass and trees of gigantic buildings, scattered in the vast vast plains of Huang Qi in central China (Shaanxi Province).

Intrigued by the pyramids, the Australians tried to bring them help at a nearby Buddhist monastery. After long pois- ^ Cove via the monks they were able to find in the monastery library of fragments of ancient records of the history of the pyramids. According to these chronicles, the age pyramid is about 5000 years old, and their construction refers to "the ancient kings' era of the mysterious dynasty, leading descended from aliens from outer space -" Children of Paradise ". According to the chronicles of the monastery, the ancestors buried in the pyramids of the kings came to Earth to "kites made of iron." They have trained the local population a variety of cultural and technical skills, including the pyramids construction technology.

the opening of the Pyramids Post in China are interested in the German investigator Hartwig Hausdorf, author of the book "Satellites of the Gods". In October 1994, he visited the province of Shaanxi, where studied six of the more than one hundred, spread over an area of ​​2000 square kilometers, the pyramids.

The height of the majority of the pyramids is from 25 to 100 meters. An exception is the so-called Great White Pyramid - its height is about 300 meters and it is clearly a major in the whole complex. Chinese pyramids are very similar to those found in Mexico and Guatemala. The researcher found that many pyramids are in poor condition, mainly because of the economic activities of local farmers: unlike its Egyptian and South American "brothers", the Chinese pyramids were built not of stone, but of clay and soil, and farmers willing to use this material for various household needs, gradually rastaskivaya pyramid.

The work of the German archaeologist has met more than lukewarm attitude of the Chinese authorities was refused to revisit the "valley of the pyramids", and scientist had to spend a lot of effort to get permission to continue his research. During his fruitless wanderings through the corridors of power Hausdorf collided with a Chinese professor of archeology, who explained to him that at the moment the study of pyramids is not desirable, as this - a task the next generation of Chinese archaeologists. According to the German scholar, the Chinese authorities are trying to hide the fact of the existence of the pyramids. Some of these structures on the orders from Beijing already planted with fast-growing trees, and twenty years later the Chinese may well tell the world: "What kind of pyramids, in fact, is it? It's just overgrown hills forest of natural origin. " However, the ban on research "valley of the pyramids" Chinese authorities have attributed to the fact that nearby there is a secret object that is associated with the Chinese space program.

Nevertheless, the German scientist does not lose hope to re-visit the mysterious "valley of the pyramids." He expects to meet is still living there descendants of the mysterious "ali-en" - "Children of Heaven", and it is possible to learn something new about the strange constructions of the plain Qi Huang. And by the way, it has the opportunity to put a completely "clean" experiment and find out: whether China will show the phenomenon of "the curse of the pyramids?"

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