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Crying boy

Crying boy
Of all the mysterious coincidences, only a few seem as scary or disturbing as any rational mind, as those that surrounded the fires "Crying Boy" did not descend from the front pages of newspapers across the UK in the summer and autumn of 1985. Brief history was as follows: after a series with anything else not related fires was discovered that the same pattern - a cheap reproduction depicting a crying boy - was present in each of the rooms where the fire started. This detail could be rejected as absurd coincidence, if it had not turned out as well, that in all cases, without exception, this picture has avoided damage, while all around it burned.

The unusual phenomenon became public in early summer, when a firefighter Yorkshire, Peter Hall, in an interview with a major newspaper reported that fire crews across the North of England are countless copies of the picture itself, remained untouched by the fire, which started for some reason. Hall decided to let out only after his own brother. Roi, refused to believe the story, deliberately bought a copy of "Crying Boy" to deny her curse, and soon after his house in Svalloneste, south Yorkshire, for unclear reasons burned to the ground. Seeing that the picture is perfectly safe in the midst of charred ruins. Roi Hall hurriedly pressed her boot.

Following the publication of an interview with a British daily has received a flood of letters and phone calls from owners of "Boy", affected the same way. Dora Brand of Mitchum, in the county of Surrey, saw her house turned into ashes within six weeks after she bought the picture, and although it was still more than a hundred others, it is this one survived.

Sandra paint from Kilbourne said that she, her sister, mother and friend - all burned after each had got proper copy. Other information came from Leeds, county of Nottingham, from Ohfordshira and the Isle of Wight. The twenty-first of October Parillo Pizza Peles, in Great Yartmute, Norfolk, was burned to embers, but "boy" was in excellent condition. After three days of Godber Herrintorpa that in South Yorkshire, also lost his home; in case of fire a reproduction hanging in their living room, remained intact, though all the other paintings were burned to ashes.

Heritage Day in Hesuople, County of Merseyside, a pair of paintings that hung in the living room and dining room house belonging to the family of Amos, survived despite the fact that the entire building was torn to pieces by the explosion of gas. Not the last days as there is a new message about a fire "Crying Boy", this time out of the house of former firefighter Fred Trower from Telford, Shropshire. One newspaper invited all owners of the painting to get her massive burning. Although the majority in Britain believed that the whole story - the protracted joke, others were less sure. By November, some of the former owners of the "boys" have acquired neurological disease, because they always seemed that the "spirit" of the destroyed paintings are now intends to take revenge.

One woman from Leeds was sure what the picture is guilty of the death of her husband and three sons, and the other, Mrs. Woodward of Forest Hill in London, felt that with the "boys" are related sudden death of her son, daughter, husband and mother, occurred as a result are not related to each other, but related to fire accidents. When several fire brigades requested to comment on the growing hysteria over the picture, they refused to discuss the case go to participate in various mass burnings that took place across the country. Nevertheless, tragedies continue to happen.

Twelfth November Malcolm Vaughan from Gloucestershire has helped its neighbor to burn another "Crying Boy". He returned home and found that all living in the fire broken out it is not clear how. A few weeks later a mysterious flame past the house in Weston-on-Mara County Avon, killing its occupant, shestidesyatisemiletnego William Armitage, and then hit the headlines because of the whole picture found quite close to the old man's charred body. One of the firefighters were trying to extinguish the fire, then said, "I've never believed in the curse. But when you see the big picture tselehonkim completely burnt-out room, and it is - the only thing that was not damaged, then you realize that it crossed the line".

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