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Chernobyl disaster

Chernobyl disaster
In 1972, right next to the Chernobyl began building the most powerful in the Soviet nuclear power plant. By 1985, already finished building four units, and began to build a fifth. The night did not promise anything wrong April 26, 1986. On the nuclear experiment on the maximum load carried. But what the experiment! the whole system of protection of power, and he joined the unresponsive state has been disabled. Operators have tried to stabilize the situation, but it was too late. And now, exactly 1 hour 24 minutes the night heard two explosions at reactor 4, and it began to burn.

Within five minutes, firefighters were at the scene. By morning they managed to localize the fire and extinguish it. But the worst was yet to come. The fourth reactor was completely destroyed, pieces of graphite and uranium, emits radiation were scattered throughout the territory of the NPP. But the city continued to live my life two more days. Residents no one warned about the crash. Hundreds of thousands of people walked the streets, went on nature. cycling competitions were held in Kiev. The days were hot, many people have decided to hold them out of town. And no one felt that green grass and trees become their enemies. Some people have received radiation doses such that after some time died.

28 April 1100 a convoy of buses took out from Pripyat, Chernobyl and other settlements residents of the exclusion zone. They were allowed to take only the identity card and a little food. Yet the rest of the property was abandoned. And so the first days after the accident, the apartment with all the equipment, stores the goods were scored for looters paradise. The police had great difficulty in preventing theft of property. Living in a radius of 30 km from Chernobyl came to a standstill, only occasionally lovers of thrills there appeared.

Meanwhile, work on the Chernobyl nuclear power plant was in full swing. It was necessary after the reactor is burnt out, clear all the debris of uranium and graphite from the roofs and collect them in all the territory. But first - a few words about the structure of the reactor.

The reactor is a huge pit filled with graphite. The walls, floor and roof of the reactor is made of lead (Lead - virtually the only substance that does not transmit radiation). In graphite are holes in which are invested uranium fuel rods. a huge amount of heat Due to the nuclear reaction. (A piece of uranium the size of a palm has more energy than a train of coal. In addition, nuclear power plants, unlike thermal power plants do not burn oxygen in the atmosphere and does not pollute the atmosphere). Heat is supplied to the steam turbines that generate current. The turbines are located in the building above the reactor. Above the reactor closed. Force of the explosion that blew the lid, and everything began to burn inside.

In the early days to the reactor could not come, because the temperature there reaches 5000 degrees. At this time it hung on NPP radioactive cloud that carried the wind. Cloud three times round the globe as a result of a lot of radiation spread throughout Europe. Most of all, of course, went to Ukraine and Belarus.

Meanwhile, the liquidators tried somehow to drive the cloud to the ground. With helicopter bombed the reactor sand watered. But it was very ineffective, and the air turned 77 kg of radiation. This is equivalent to what would have dumped hundreds of nuclear power plants (!) Bombs, with the same time.

When the reactor is burned, it was necessary to collect all the pieces of uranium and graphite. All operations were carried out manually. The liquidators in the masks and costumes of the lead shoveling shovels and hand selected pieces of radioactive material dumped them into the reactor burned. After cleaning the area, work began on the construction of the sarcophagus over the reactor (a huge box) in order to prevent radiation leakage. Now it developed and implemented the project "Shelter", in which the fourth reactor fully descended into the earth, and it will cease forever to be a headache.

After the Chernobyl accident, many were in favor of its closure. In December 2000, it was closed due to outdated and imperfect security system. But what about the radiation by taking away hundreds of hectares of land in Ukraine? The period of decay of radioactive particles of different different - from eight minutes to hundreds of thousands of years, but almost all of them (except uranium) decay within 30 years. So it is quite likely that in 15-20 years in Chernobyl and Pripyat will return and live again the people and they will be back in beautiful cities.

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