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Bigfoot: the answer is close?

Bigfoot: the answer is close?
By the end of the XX century it left quite a bit, and the mystery of Bigfoot and has not been solved. It continues to haunt the minds of optimistic-minded researchers and causes all sorts of sarcastic smile opponents "in the frills and overgrown parazoologii pseudo"

It is of the essence, as the leading undercover lifestyle that meeting with him practically can not be scheduled.

Our task is not to persuade opponents that they are wrong, to try to prove that "neodinozavry" - is not only Nessie, and the term "Bigfoot" is fundamentally wrong that Atlantis should look at the bottom of the Atlantic, and nowhere else. Spores can go on forever. Time will judge all.

About 20 years ago, a major Soviet historian Porshnev, fascinated by the ancient history of mankind and anthropology and left to posterity many clever and interesting books, wrote: "In the past it seemed that some" defendants "should bring some" judges "evidence, then these experts kindly take into their own hands to further develop research. It is now clear that only "accused" and are specialists and experts in this case. Their terms will grow at the expense of young biologists who want to take possession of the cash amount of knowledge and adopt scientific baton. But "judge" in an empty room will nap in a chair. "

Traditional areas of habitat "Bigfoot" has always been considered the Pamirs, the Caucasus, the Himalayas, Tien Shan. By the Himalayas we have yet to address. But first we will talk about "non-traditional" locations where a mysterious creature can not dwell. For example, in North America. There it is called Bigfoot - "big foot".

Road worker Denis Chapman lived with his wife and two children in the town of Ruby Creek. One day his wife saw at the edge of a forest approaching the house humanoid creature growth in more than two and a half meters, which slowly moves the huge legs. The frightened woman clutching children ran to her husband. Denis took the gun and went to the house, waiting to see where the bear Indeed, he attacked on the trail - but not a bear! Next deepened into the ground for more than five centimeters and a length greater than 40 centimeters. step width was about a meter. The traces were lost in the rocky mountain scree.

Personal encounters with a mysterious creature and tell the American Indians. They gave it a name - Sasquatch (Big Foot). Testimonies of people who saw it give reason to assume that the area of ​​the animal's habitat - inaccessible forest areas in the US northwest and across Canada.

"Most likely, this is the character of Indian folklore," - says a skeptical Alan Dundes, professor of anthropology at the University of California.

But many enthusiasts, researchers and serious scientists have a different opinion. They believe that the Sasquatch - is preserved from pre-glacial period, the population of great apes. For hundreds of years they have managed to adapt to the harsh climate of the taiga.

Very often hunters and local residents met sasquatch footprints in northeast Washington state near the extinct volcano Mount St. Helens. The Skamania County, on whose territory the area, even adopted a law banning the hunting of Bigfoot. This is probably the only case of the ban on animal shooting, the very existence of which is doubted by many experts.

But a relatively recent post: a mysterious creature manifested where it least expected to see. Suburban Seattle Bellevue noticed footprints in the snow huge. Each of them exceed 50 centimeters in length.

"The track was like a man, but a giant-sized, - told Gladys Totland living nearby told Reuters. - Even in 1981 the neighbors have seen some large animals of the forest, covered with dense hair. We were, frankly, and they did not believe. And now this ... "

And I started the whole thing wrong.

... California, dense forests of the Pacific coast of the USA. The end of the last century. An old Indian, whose story is preserved thanks to the recording of his grandson, T. Vakava, met the summer of 1897 an unknown creature. Injun chasing deer when suddenly near the lake saw something like a large bush. He approached him and felt a sharp musky odor. The old man looked more closely and realized that it's not a bush, and being covered with a thick, like a horse, with hair from head to toe. Injun approached, but the creature gave off a cry, reminiscent of "Nyah-and-s!". Then the old man realized that this is the Sasquatch, which parents told him.

Although there were twilight, the old man could see on his face overgrown with hazel eyes. It is moved. The man made a calming gesture with his hand and placed it on the ground a bunch of fish. Being understood the gesture, she grabbed the fish and ran into the thicket. It is only for a moment stopped and issued another cry that Indian remember for a lifetime - a prolonged and dull "elegooomm". In addition to his grandson, Injun anyone else this story never told. It was published recently.

A few weeks later, after a meeting with the essence of the old Indian was awakened by a strange noise. Coming out of the hut, he came across a bunch of fresh reindeer skins. In the distance, he sounded a familiar cry of him. After that sasquatches brought him the berries, then branches to heat dwellings, the fruit.

Eskimos there is a legend of a race of people with a disgusting, repulsive habits, who lived in their territory before they came there. These beings were very tall, the whole body were covered with hair, they showed a tendency to solitude, but arranged between a terrible fight, ate human flesh and walked naked, though built of huge stones around the parking lot, which was covered with a roof made of ribs skins and whales. The Eskimos say that they were primitive stone and bone tools. On Baffin Island to the north of Greenland tunidzhukami they are called, although they have a lot of similarities between the names in a variety of western regions.

The Eskimos say that in Greenland they went naked, but their bodies were covered with fur-like feathers; in more western areas are used as animal skins clothing. Tunidzhuki were excellent hunters, game can recognize the voice and behavior, had such force that could easily hold in the hands of a large seal. Some Eskimos say that their ancestors killed tunidzhukov gradually one after the other, destroy them physically. Yet Greenlanders claim that even today, some individuals are still living in their country, but they are extremely cautious and careful.

In October 1967, sasquatch seekers - P Patterson and his assistant Robert Gimlin near Bluff Creek in northern California was photographed on film female sasquatch crossing the dried-up bed of the creek. Opponents of the existence of a living hominoid tried to declare the film a fake, but the charges were rejected by a number of researchers, in particular by Soviet scientists, experts in biomechanics, prosthetic and other. Patterson made a plaster paw prints female sasquatch, and carefully studied the largest authorities in the field of primatology and concluded: "There can be no question of forgery."

Not so long ago in the magazine "Alaska" were printed in the memories of one of the initiators of the search for Sasquatch Alaska Michael Pouliznika.

"My search for Bigfoot in Alaska began in October 1975, - says Pouliznik. - I still have not found it, but do not lose hope. "Bushman" is commonly referred to in Alaska this mysterious creature.

The desire to find Bigfoot kicked me out of my temporary abode in Anchorage, I explored the central, south-central and south-western Alaska, the studies helped me-profit organization based in Miami - America! Anthropological Research Foundation. "

Some Alaskans are reluctant to discuss their meeting with this strange creature, - said M. Pouliznik - they are afraid that they would be ridiculed or called crazy.

Aleuts living on the islands of the Kodiak and Afognak, from generation to generation tell the legend about the mysterious, like a human being. They call it being "Oulakh". Pouliznik got the most interesting testimonies on these islands.

To a lesser extent, studied information about the meetings with the unknown creature in China. They became the property of the scientists only recently, since a few years ago about "Bigfoot" information from the country simply did not arrive.

"It is more than two meters tall, shoulders wider than a man, overhanging forehead, deep-set eyes and broad nose with slightly splayed nostrils. He had sunken cheeks, ears, human-like, but larger, round eyes, also larger than the human eye. Bulges forward the lower jaw, protruding lips. Large front teeth like a horse. Eyes are black. Hair dark brown, long, 30 centimeters long, loosely hung over his shoulders. All face except the nose and ears, was covered with short hair. The hands hung below his knees. Hands big fingers about fourteen centimeters long, only slightly marked with Pins. Tail, he had not, and the body was covered with short hair. He had heavy hips, shorter than the tibia. He walked straight, legs wide apart. Feet were more than thirty-three centimeters long and about fifteen wide - front is wider than the rear. With flat nails. It was a man. That's what I was able to see clearly. "

It described a group of researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, an unknown creature 33-year-old Pang Enseng in October 1977.

Pang said he met "hairy man" in the woods on the slopes of the gorge, where he had gone to procure fuel.

"The man came closer and closer. I backed away until he pressed his back against the rock. Next it was nowhere to run. I picked up an ax, ready to fight for life. We stood facing each other, without moving, for about an hour. Then I picked up a stone and threw it at him. The stone hit him in the chest. He has published several cries, and began to rub the spot kick with his left hand. Then he turned to the left, leaned against a tree, and then slowly made his way down to the bottom of the gorge. He continued to moan. "

Moon night in May 1976, six leaders of the then municipality of forest area Shennuntszya in Hubei province were driving in a jeep near the village of Chunhua. Suddenly, their headlights illuminated the "strange tailless creature with reddish hair," which was on the road.

The driver stopped the jeep, holding the creature in the rays of headlights, and five people got out to see him. They walked for a few meters - being also seemed intrigued by their appearance - but then it disappeared in the darkness. People tried not to pursue it, but the next morning a telegram was sent to Beijing, the Academy of Sciences. All were convinced that they had seen one of the legendary "hairy people" of China.

For centuries, Chinese folklore stores horror stories about the big, hairy, human-like creatures that walk on their hind legs. According to legends, these creatures inhabit China's Qinling-Bashan-Shennuntszya, in this area a central mountainous region inhabited as giant pandas and other rare species of animals that are not found anywhere else in the world.

On the origin of wild hairy men in Southeast Asia, there are several hypotheses. One of them claims that the wild men - the living descendants of the giant ape - Gigantopithecus, who lived on Earth 2 million years ago. Although these ancient apes are thought to have died out thousands of years ago, scientists say that the giant panda - the kind that is known to have lived side by side with giant apes, still inhabits the same region. Many of the oldest plants - such as the dove tree, the Chinese tulip tree and Metasequoia - found only in the region of the Qinling-Bashan-Shennuntszya. Other rare and ancient animals such as takin, and golden monkey, found only in this region. Therefore, some have suggested, the giant ape could be preserved here as a species.

There are other reports of recent meetings with the unknown creature. One of them, the testimony of the western Himalayas, is equipped with image - albeit fuzzy, but still allows to draw conclusions. During the decades of searching Maya Genrichovna Bykov I have traveled all over the country. Luck is waiting for her in August 1987 in the distant taiga hut ...

"Going on a journey in 1987 to meet with relict hominoid nicknamed labeled, - said Bykov, - I have again and again mentally imagined, with whom I encounter in the distant cedar forest.

My informant Vladimir Veykin of Mansi people. Like all his ancestors - taiga men, he served in the Army, received his secondary education, driver and mechanic. And he and his family are far from religion. " Here is what he said:

"We have a cottage, and serves as winter quarters and LETOV 70 kilometers from the nearest dwelling. I put it far from my grandfather, a former village, now long abandoned people. About forty years ago, and maybe at the end of the war his grandfather said that in August, at night, and more often at dawn, someone comes to housing. Later his grandfather and his father well knew this, because it is not just watched him from the window, wandering restlessly around the hut. He was tagged: from wrist to elbow left arm was covered with white fur. Approach to the hut and each time tapped the window with short double or triple blows. In '85 he was seen twice (as it turned out, three times -. MB). I saw him myself. No, leshim we never called. I think that this is the subject of your search. Come. Distrust suddenly dissipate. "

"Bullseye came at dawn on the first night of our stay in the cabin - continues Maya Genrichovna. - We went out on his appealingly-warning knock on the window ... And ... were five meters away from him - as he's called, whether a person is snow, a relict hominoid, eternal devil or something else ... He was a huge, hairy and red-eyed. There was not even a hint of a tail rudiment, no hump and horns no hooves ... In the image can only be compared to a man. Everything in it is harmonious and proportional to all the evidence of force, because the muscles are guessed even a hair. Planting head - special, as if inside the neck muscles. Huge hands and feet forced to remember that He is the eternal wanderer and surveyor, vyvorachivatel trees with roots and stones shvyryatel small and large. No analogy with a bear or a monkey: at first the snout, short legs, lax figure, the second - a parody, a caricature of Bullseye ".

For a full minute - endlessly-they saw each other. "On sensations - says Bykov - and can not speak. No, he did not remain indifferent: our eyes met, he said, without opening the lips: "Cough." However he cleared his throat after a long silence ...

Expired minute. Because of the house with a barking puppy fell named Boxing. He hit a few shots of us and screamed wildly from fear and the desire to protect the owners. Tagged cast as if assessing the situation look, behind right foot, stepped behind a tree, and the more we did not see him. "

A year has passed. And in August Bykov with a group cryptozoologists again went on an expedition in the Arctic. In the evening, members of the expedition gathered around the campfire. Somehow, feeling somewhat depressed. Despite the bright night, the feeling, in the words of one of them, it was as though the spirit of the forest bullies, kicks of his possessions ...

Glory Kovalev was embarrassed in front of friends. He took a hike very young puppy, and had to spend the night in the hut, the guys that built themselves. Spawning a stream running down from the mountains in the spring overflows. Therefore hut set on natural piles (felled trees at the same height). She looked exactly on chicken legs. It lacked only Baba Yaga.

So, all night puppy left puddles on the floor, sleeping bags and backpacks. So Glory decided to tie the puppy at night in the meadow to the hemp. Some even showed how to tie a heavy-duty quad Sami node.

In the morning the puppy was not there. Disappeared together with rope. But who could untie it and remove with a fairly high hemp? The Beast could not. Then who?

The next day, events began to develop in unexpected ways. The same evening, Sasha did not go into the hut and lay to one of the "chicken paws" at the entrance and out of the house began to look at the creek. On the other side of a sudden there were two human legs, densely covered with light gray hair. They jumped over the stream and began to get a hut. Sasha, trying to understand who owns these legs, fell to the earth itself, and was surprised that the legs as if there is no end. And then I jumped in one leap and burst through the door: "Guys, here lived some giant!"

About seven years ago, Maya Genrichovna done in Moscow a report on the views of the North of the so-called Bigfoot, relic hominoids, Yag-Morte, Kuiv, the spirit of the Earth. And now - an unexpected confirmation of guesses ...

"Get the information and without wasting time, with cryptozoology Rogov M. Gavrilov and leave on the scene.

There we not only listened to 16 witnesses who saw the creature, not only to see it for yourself, but also met a lot of people who have entered into contact with it. And most importantly - brought to the capital of the material evidence of its existence: the hair, feces (it's here until we find cryptozoologist L. Ershov), mountain ash spit gum. We found not only temporary, but permanent "maturation-nesting". In them lies the answer to the question why there is still no pictures of hominoid. "

Our hero - the animal night and many people think that success is enough to connect a night vision device with-photo or movie camera I do know that every specialist in the field of night shooting for a long time looking for a nest owl or the lair of the wolf to advance set made by himself the instrument and remote control nearby, is not looking for host nests and do not find 'the case of our hero of a different kind to this day no one is in the world of this most "nesting".

Lucky is still the group which was Bykov, not two dozen armed men who wanted to deal with embarrassing their peace animals, hoping that this gray bear, you dare to walk on their hind legs when the very Maya Genrichovna mastered cry or imitating his call or just attracting attention helped her in this one of the main witnesses, faced with an animal "face to face" and heard him growl, scream, grader Roman Leonov trying to hold the door handle, so as not to let him into the hut, he for some momentarily exhausted and could not keep the door was then that they met -і man and mysterious beasts and the first thing that flashed "Wow, this;

old, and sports as a young "In the dark, if overly tanned skin of the face, completely hairless, dotted with deep wrinkles, sparkled with huge eyes

What is it. Here's how to describe this creature hunting expert Igor Pavlov approximate height of 2.75 meters track length - 34 cm width of the steps while running three meters wide shoulders, muscular (his arm up to the elbow have seen two - He pushed her into the hut in the struggle for the door - this solid core covered with a relatively thin hair) off-white buttocks stand out as the film Patterson (and Pavlov after the events seen these shots) the lower and upper part of the body is slightly darker, like the tips of white hair whether contaminated, whether originally gray-rusty As for personnel, filmed in California, on the belt some band like the hair is growing in different directions sparkling eyes, angry, because he had come to expel.

So, cryptozoologists have the facts, material evidence, and still a lot to learn, but if curious tourists who want to touch the mystery, will rush to the place of his habitation, trampled footprints disturb the peace of nature, destroy maturation, it is, of course, leave these places.

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