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Lost continent of Atlantis

Lost continent of Atlantis
The debate on the legendary island of Atlantis, where Atlantis was located the city, do not stop for two millennia - since the great Plato talked about it in his dia-logs "Timaeus" and "Critias." Where only did not seek this mysterious country: in the Atlantic Ocean, and South America, the Mediterranean and Africa, in Asia Minor, the North Sea and in many other places. But where Atlantis 'found', it did not meet the descriptions of Plato. And in the place specified by the philosopher (that is, the Pillars of Hercules), this mysterious land can not be found until now.

There are two approaches among researchers to the term "Atlantis". As mentioned above, the first named Atlantis Atlantis Greek philosopher Plato. But Plato's predecessors, too, knew about it, even though this country was called by other names. Ancient authors under the Atlantis understood some state which was at one stage of development to Greece, and fought with it during one of the wars were lost in the grand catastrophe.

However, in the occult sciences there is a representation of Atlantis as a kind of proto-civilization that preceded ours, and died as a result of a series of disasters. This is also indicated the myths and legends of the peoples of the most diverse countries who live on different continents. But many of them there is a representation of what - the people that preceded the modern humanity, and died as a result of - the powerful cataclysm.

"Plato is my friend, but truth is more expensive", - he said at the time of the great Aristotle. So the problem was posed: where, when and how there was a state of the Atlanteans? Someone recognizes the existence of Atlantis, no doubt, someone no doubt rejected, based on the formula: "It can not be, because it can never be." But most researchers believe it is likely the existence of Atlantis, but require evidence. The Greek philosopher Krantor says that in the year 3010 d. E. Egypt saw the column on which the entire history of the disappeared in the depths of the sea the island was struck.

What was known about Plato's Atlantis? he says in his dialogues, Atlantis disappeared in the course of one day and one tragic night - "for one terrible night."

Getting described Atlantis, Plato warns that as the name of the island itself, and all the other names in his story not opodlennye and translated into Greek. The Egyptians, who first wrote the story of Atlantis, transferred atlandskie names in their own way. Solon, who told Plato information about this island, did not see the need to preserve the Egyptian names and translated into Greek's.

Russian poet - symbolist VY Bryusov in his book "Atlantis" notes that "Plato described Atlantis as early as the condition of it reached after several millennia of cultural life, when the island was already a lot of separate kingdoms, a lot of rich cities and the vast population in the millions. " And the very history of the island begins with a section of land between the three brothers, the gods: Zeus, Hades and Poseidon. Poseidon by lot and went to the island of Atlantis and, in addition, he became the ruler of the seas. When Poseidon received Atlantis, on the island we lived only three people - "one of the men at the beginning of the light produced by the earth in the name of his wife Evnor Livkippoy and beauty - daughter Cleito". Poseidon fell in love with Cleito, she became his wife and gave birth to five pairs of twins - the first ten kings of Atlantis.

Poseidon was the first to fortify the island, which would make it inaccessible for enemies. Around the small hill, gradually passing into the plain was dug in a circle alternately one after the other three water and two earthen rings. In the heart of the hill (acropolis), on a hill, Poseidon built a small temple for Cleito himself surrounded by a wall of pure gold. Acropolis was built palace, which expanded and adorn each king, and sought a new will certainly surpass its predecessor. "So it was impossible to see this building, not marveling at the size and beauty of the work."

Kings - the children of Poseidon, of course, could not do without bathing, and in this they have built on the acropolis numerous baths. "For swimming pools were open, and, for the winter, closed; They had a special - for the royal family and for individuals; Still others - separately for women, and even horses and pack animals; each of them was located and decorated according to its purpose. The water comes out of these waters, was aimed to irrigate the forest of Poseidon, where the fertility of the soil produced the amazing height of the trees and the beauty. "

The largest and most magnificent structure of the acropolis there was a temple dedicated to one god Poseidon. He was truly gigantic dimensions: length 185 meters, width 96 meters and "appropriate" height. Outside, a large church was completely lined with silver, except for "extremities", made of pure gold. Inside the temple there were many statues of gold. The biggest of them portrayed the god Poseidon, who, standing in a chariot, drove six winged horses. Statue of Poseidon was so high that his head almost touching the ceiling, which was decorated with ivory and all decorated with gold, silver and orichalcum. Walls, floors and pillars inside the temple were completely lined orichalcum. Everything just sparkled and "lit up with" cost only a sunbeam penetrate the sanctuary.

Many wonderful reports of Plato's capital of Atlantis, and then goes on to describe the whole country. "The island of Atlantis was a very exalted above sea level, and the bank raised inaccessible cliff. Around the capital extended plain surrounded by mountains reach the sea. " On this plain all said that it is the most beautiful on earth and very fertile. It was thickly studded with blooming villages separated by lakes, rivers, meadows, grazing where many wild animals.

Many people come to Atlanta from outside, due to the vastness of their power; but the island itself produced almost everything necessary for life. "First of all metals and low-melting solid, fit for processing, including the one that we now know only by name: orichalcum - it deposits found in many places on the island; after gold it was the most precious of metals. Island crafts delivered to all the necessary materials. It lived on the island a large number of domestic animals and wild animals, among other things, a lot of elephants. All kinds of animals the island gave abundant sustenance, like living in the swamps, lakes and rivers or on the mountains and in the plains, and this (Elephants), although they are huge and voracious.

To produce and deliver all the flavors of the island, is now growing in different countries, the roots, herbs, juice flowing from fruits and flowers. There was also a fruit there, giving the wine (grapes), and one that serves as food (cereals), together with those which we also used in food, calling the common word - vegetables; It was more fruits, giving at the same time drinking, food and spices (coconut?). Such were the divine and amazing wealth, those in innumerable, produced this island ".

Further, Plato describes the political structure of the capital, and she herself, because "under such bounties of the soil, the inhabitants built temples, palaces, ports and harbors for ships and tried to decorate your island." On the happy island of each of the ten brothers - kings had absolute power in his kingdom, but the general rule of the State Council administers the kings of Atlantis, for which they were collected in 5-6 years, alternating between odd and even numbers.

Higher power has always remained for the direct heir of the atlas, but even the main king could not be sentenced to death by one of his relatives, without the consent of the majority of the kings "is followed by Atlanta during the reign of virtue, and the beginnings of long prevailed in their" divine, all they could. " But when triumphed "human nature" - lowly beginning, when they lost all decency, and they became boil unrestrained greed when people began to manifest a "shameful spectacle", God of Gods - Zeus, seeing the corruption of Atlantis, once so virtuous, I decided to punish them. "He collected all the gods in the heavenly sanctuary, and addressed them with these words."

This Plato "Critias" dialogue ends abruptly. And begins the story of Atlantis and its search for two thousand years long. Sacred ministers lamented the spiritual wisdom of Atlantis, was defiled. Philosophers have talked about the divine rulers of the island, the poets sang of fantastic perfection of her unit. However, some researchers believe that the dialogues of Atlantis Plato needed that to express their thoughts about the ideal state.

But the story of Atlantis, as noted by Valery Bryusov, "is nothing - either exclusively in Plato's writings. He also found other descriptions of fantastic countries, rebuke in the form of myths. But none of these stories are not furnished, like Atlantis, description, links to sources. Plato, as if anticipating the future doubts and objections, takes care to point out the origin of their data with the most up-necks, which is only known ancient authors. "

At the beginning of the XX century were filled and sent in search of Atlantis three expeditions, one of which (the second) led Paul Schliemann - grandson of the famous discoverer of Troy, Heinrich Schliemann. "By the conviction of Paul Schliemann, his famous grandfather left a sealed envelope with the fact that it would have revealed that of the family members who will give a solemn promise to devote his entire life to research, indicate who will find in this envelope. Paul Schliemann gave this oath, opened the envelope and read the letter we find there. In a letter to Heinrich Schliemann he wrote that he undertook the study of Atlantis remains, the existence of which no doubt, and that it considers the cradle of our civilization. In the summer of 1873 Heinrich Schliemann if it were found (during the excavations in Troy), bronze kind of vessel of large size, inside which were clay vessels smaller, small figurines of the particular metal, the money of the same metal, and items "made from fossil braid -tey ". Some of these items and on a bronze vessel, it was written "Phoenician characters": "From the king of Atlantis Chronos". But many researchers, Russian and foreign, this story causes mistrust.

The search for Atlantis and were carried out everywhere - around the globe. Soviet gidrogeograf Gakkel presented the "Atlantis" in the form of a narrow strip that runs along the underwater Lomonosov Ridge and connects Canadian Arctic Archipelago to the New Siberian Islands. Full member of the Geographical Society, member of the Scientific Council on Cybernetics of Russian Academy of Sciences Alexander Kondrashov many works devoted to the links between human history and the history of the oceans. He has written many books about the legendary Atlantis of Plato, and the many "Atlantis" - the so-called hypothetical lands, now gone under water.

Foreign researchers Renata and Jaroslav Malina in his writings on natural disasters and aliens from outer space write that tlanty-navigators explored the Earth. It is said that "they traveled through the air and under water, photographed objects at a distance, using X-rays, images and sounds recorded on video tape, use of the laser crystal, invented a terrible weapon with cosmic rays, also used the energy of antimatter.

However, the use for personal gain of the dark forces of nature ambitious priests and frequent earthquakes transferred to the collapse of the mainland to the many islands, which were later also disappeared in the sea. And for ten thousand years BC, an underground explosion destroyed and the island Poseidonis. But the radiation emitted by large crystals, lying in the place of the destruction of Atlantis, leading to the sudden disappearance of ships and aircraft in the famous Bermuda Triangle". As can be seen from the above, the geography of Atlantis quest is very broad and diverse.

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