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Ape or adam? (in search of a grandparent)

Ape or adam? (in search of a grandparent)
The powerful tribe of dinosaurs still ruled the world, but a colossus has feet darted ubogonkie small animals, feed their young with milk. They soon struck the hour - whether from climate change on the planet, or from other causes of the dinosaurs became extinct, and came to the forefront of the evolution of the very "miserable" mammals, soon settled in the Earth sets of species such as herbivores and carnivores. And on the periphery of the new rulers of the planet was, as usual, one of the weakest species - melkorosly, no sharp teeth and claws, without hooves and thick skin, without the quick feet and powerful without tusks ...

Where to go weak? Clearly, somewhere - away from the eyes of a strong, in the deserted mountain plateau, in the meager food places where there are no large predators, and where life circumstances themselves compel constantly dodge, become omnivorous, dig up edible roots, eat small rodents and insects ... Thus began the formation and development hominids - primates that have become "working material" for the emergence of Homo sapiens. The harsh living conditions forced the hominids developed prehensile limbs - useless claws were transformed into nails to see the enemy from a distance or prey, had to get up on its hind legs. To survive in a constant struggle, hominids banded together in flocks and flocks have mastered ways to communicate, to understand each other. This required a certain improvement is already brain ...

Thus, weak and seemingly doomed species is not only preserved, but also managed to oppose the rest of the animal world own their own, fairly efficient, the survival of the system. And under the influence of the constant fluctuations of climate change on Earth and living conditions of certain groups of hominids began to appear one by one of their new species: Gigantopithecus, "The Nutcracker" Darth, Australopithecus, kenyapithecus. These kinds of hominids sometimes differ from each other just as the wolf from the cow, but as a result of natural selection, today remained only one view - a sensible man, Homo Sapiens (the parallel existence of other species, such as Neanderthals, reliable information so far).

But where this is the Homo Sapiens? The easiest way to assume (as it suggests) that Homo sapiens - the result of the evolution of one of the branches of hominids. But the evidence of this hypothesis, alas, things are bad, including a string of fossil hominids is not the most critical link that would tie together now living Homo sapiens and his ancestors.

The search for this "missing link" has long been a stumbling block for paleoanthropologists. Probably, with the regularity of annual world news agencies reported another sensation: here it is! Finally found! But after a while there comes disappointment: no, not again ... Some desperate head even go to the forgery, as was the case with the so-called "Piltdown Man", which, of course, brings only harm to science. In the search for the "missing link" spent huge and useless effort, and it is not surprising that the louder the voices of skeptics saying that no "missing link" in nature, do not, and the mystery of the origin of man lies in a completely different plane ...

"The study of differences in the structure of the DNA of people living in different countries, led to the conclusion that mankind originated from a common female ancestor. Modern man is descended from a single matriarch, who lived about 350 thousand years ago. "

This report, published in 1983 in «Science News» magazine caused a real shock. therefore, the biblical Eve found and remains to find Adam? Errors could be genetics from Berkeley have studied a lot of samples of DNA from mitochondria. Each macromolecule such DNA contains 35 genes, passed from mother to offspring only, without the influence of his father's genetic material. Changes in DNA of only possible under the influence of mutations.

The results confirmed the hypothesis, according to which approximately 350 thousand years ago accomplished a decisive leap of evolution, after which human humanization accelerated many times. The decisive event for this could serve as the appearance of a female hominid mutant with disrupted the cycle of reproduction of offspring, females are not able to conceive two or three times a year, as in the animal kingdom, and all year round, with a monthly birth in her body active eggs. Is not it the genes we all still carry in their mitochondria?

And that's what (or who?) Was the cause of the mutation. While we can only guess and call a lot of reasons - God, the intervention of aliens from space, radiation ... But it was not an accident! Even purely materialist Frederick Engels, one of the founders of Marxism, argued that "nature has created man to know itself" - that is, Engels recognized that the creation of man is not random and purposeful act. But then nature is reasonable?

... It is said that the origin of man hypotheses as much as the people in the world. Those who believe in God believe that God created man in His image and likeness. Others believe that man evolved from apes. Well, everyone has the right to represent their ancestors on their own way.

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