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An incident in roselle

An incident in roselle
In autumn 1996, the leadership of the United States Air Force has finally released the long-awaited report, containing the results of an official investigation into the incident, which occurred fifty years ago in the vicinity of Roswell in New Mexico. Scene, today became a central plot UFO mythology, was the sheep pasture, located approximately 120 kilometers from the town. Unfortunately for those who craved the sensation, it did not happen: the conclusions contained in the report clearly indicate that found in 1947 near the town of Roswell "alien" debris are the remains of the fallen-balloon, with which the United States to monitor the implementation nuclear tests in the USSR.

So, the question is closed. What was the basis of the myth for a long time to stir up public and still from time to time, remove the light as "proof" of life on earth aliens from outer space?

... In early July 1947 a farmer, and drove a flock of sheep in the pasture, found on the remains of a crashed unidentified flying object, which, according to today's UFO, was not more than a crashed alien spacecraft.

Over the next fifty years of history of the "Roswell incident" lived its own life, acquiring new and new details and rumors, often completely implausible, gradually turning into a legend ...

Civil and military authorities of the USA several times changed the official version of this mysterious event. Its first version was that the mysterious object was a weather balloon. Later, he announced some secret reconnaissance unmanned vehicle, which was supposed to monitor Soviet nuclear tests.

But the official explanation of the public could not meet. Skeptics who never believed in UFOs exist, he resented the idea that the government and military can engage in such foolishness. Numerous supporters of the hypothesis of the existence of UFOs found in official documents inaccuracies mass of contradictions and omissions that have only strengthened their faith in the fact that the authorities are hiding the truth about the incident rosuellskom.

What actually happened?

To date, all the arguing about the mysterious case of the parties agree that in late June - early July 1947 in the vicinity of Roswell, strange events occur. And early one morning on the pasture sheep farmer William Brezel came across a crashed aircraft. At the crash site were fragments of light metal braces, colorful wiring, large pieces of silver foil ... Intrigued shepherd found that the foil is not cut with a penknife, and is not lit, if it is to set fire to a match.

A few days later, July 6, 1947, on the advice of neighbors Brezel picked up a few items at the crash site, along with a cargo of sheep wool brought them to Roswell and showed the local sheriff. He immediately contacted the command of the US Air Force base in Roswell, and the next day in the pasture Brezela there were two military intelligence officers. With the help of the farmer they had collected from the field all the items were there and took them to the Air Force base. One of these officers, Major Jesse A. Marcel, who served in the 509th bomber regiment, on the way to the base drove home, woke his eleven-year-son and showed him "fragments crashed" flying saucer. " So, anyway, and now says Jesse Jr., now a doctor in Montana, which is one of the few living witnesses today "rosuellskogo incident." Memorable words of his father are now the main argument for those who are convinced that the authorities knew from the beginning that they are dealing with an unidentified flying object of extraterrestrial origin

Assembled on the field Brezela subjects examined commander of the base, Colonel William Blanchard. After the inspection, he summoned the press attache and instructed him to convey to the local newspaper about the communiqué that the remains found in the vicinity of the ranch Roswell crashed "flying disc" were available to the Air Force. This news came July 8, 1947 on the front page "Roswell Daily Record," and the next day the same newspaper issued a denial of the previous information. It turns out that General Roger M. Rhyme, commander of the 8th Air Force, found that the so-called "flying disc" was nothing more than a weather balloon. But it was not the end of history, but on the contrary - it is only the beginning ...

Today, the "rosuellskom incident" is written, probably more than a dozen books and countless articles, even filmed a feature film. But the facts above - is, in fact, everything that relates to reliable information and can not be doubted. Because then begin version, hypothesis, speculation, conjecture and stories - in short, that neither confirm nor deny it is impossible.

To understand the reasons why in the case of Roswell took pride of place in the UFO mythology, it is necessary to pay attention to a few facts. The most important of these is the one that in the history of meetings with the "flying saucers" careless communiqué of the US Air Force base spokesman Walter Hoyt in Roswell is the only case where the US military authorities have officially recognized the fact of existence of UFOs. However, in the original text of the communiqué was not words that the remains found are of extraterrestrial origin. A refutation of the General Rhyme contributed to the cause additional intrigue: as we know, from the point of view of the public, it was officially refuted events have the greatest credibility.

By the way, declassified in 1990 documents confirm that the general did not say, and could not tell the whole truth: found on a ranch Brezela object was not a weather balloon. Most likely, it was a secret unmanned reconnaissance aircraft.

At the end of World War II, Roswell - dull, godforsaken provincial town - was chosen as the site of dislocation 509 th Bomber Aviation Regiment US Air Force. Aircraft of the air group were at the time only in the world of nuclear weapons carriers It started from Roswell "flying fortress" "Enola Gay" dropped the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima. A Alamo Gordo, site of the first experimental nuclear explosion, is only two hundred kilometers from Roswell, and the flash of the test, "Trinity" was clearly visible from here. To reassure the local population, rosuel-lskaya "Daily Record" published the day after the nuclear explosion brief note, which stated that "near the military air base of Holloman in Alamo Gordo exploded for some unknown reason the ammunition depot." We also recall that already was "cold war", and military power and if we dare to say anything publicly about what is happening in the closed area of ​​the State of New Mexico in 1947, it did so reluctantly.

Until the end it is not clear what caused the Colonel Blanchard to report his press attache of flying saucers or discs. Perhaps at that moment he did not realize the importance of this event - because the world has just entered the "era of the UFO" ...

A "UFO era" really began just two weeks before the "rosuellskogo incident." June 24, 1947, Kenneth Arnold, an amateur pilot from the town of Yakima, on the border of Canada and the North American state of Washington, a thousand miles from Roswell, circled over the mountain range of Mount Rainier in the search for the crashed airplane in the mountains. At some moment his attention was attracted by the nine disc-shaped objects, flashed in the sky at a speed that he estimated about 1,700 miles (2,700 kilometers per hour). They were flying in the right order and how later told Arnold, their movements resembled flying saucers, sliding on the water. Because he was a man on all sides by the "right" - an experienced pilot, a respected businessman and assistant sheriff in his hometown - his message is not caused smiles and became the subject of attention of the Air Force, the press and public opinion. The news of his meeting with the mysterious objects spread throughout the world press, and the term "flying saucer" has since become firmly established in modern language.

Colonel Blanchard must have heard about this, still fresh then, news and most certainly knew about it in the wording of "Roswell Daily Record." But when they are envious of the sudden popularity of the city of Yakima, we tried to achieve the same success, then, alas, they were disappointed: after a general refutation Rhyme sensation with "event in Roswell" subsided, failing to ignite. And so it would remain miserable Roswell all forgotten and neglected, if not anticipated, "UFO era" ...

In the late 1940's - early 1950's UFO theme more and more animated began to be discussed by the press. New evidence of meetings with "flying saucers" appeared regularly in newspapers. Materials based usually on the stories of individual witnesses who saw a UFO somewhere in his native wilderness. But some visits, for example, the appearance of UFOs over Washington, at the same time saw several hundred people. The latter case is even made to put in alert the US Air Force. Subject UFO gradually won worldwide popularity.

Meanwhile, as if to spite the air defense forces around the world, "Aliens from Space" from year to year becoming more brazen. Since the second half of the 1950s increasingly began to appear on the facts documented UFO landing, and then - to initiate contact with earthlings "aliens." Initially, in different sizes and evidence the appearance of aliens were very different from each other. Most of these were half meter green men with big heads and huge eyes. Some witnesses were met, bronze-low humanoids dressed in black robes reminiscent of chain mail and other contact, even with high blue-eyed blond Nordic type. Gradually, the dominant type of aliens in testimony became green-eyed dwarf, hairless and three-fingered.

During this period, "the era of the UFO" worldwide fame earned him quite popular with space aliens resident of Southern California, George Adamski, who is so fond of them that during the numerous meetings with Adamski, they not only ride it on a "flying saucer", but also revealed the Californian goal their arrival on Earth. Told about this Adamski himself in his two published books, "green men" came to us from Venus, to save our planet from harmful experiments on nuclear fission, on the development of atomic weapons and of a possible nuclear war. Perhaps aliens revelation sunk into the soul of the world's politicians, as the nuclear tests in the atmosphere after some time had been banned

... More Lyons Bishop Agobar in the "Book of against false opinions about the thunder and lightning," he wrote, that at one time in Provence was common superstition, if earthly magicians have established an alliance with the "people of the clouds", organized storm with hail and sold undone so harvest their allies "We have seen and heard a lot of people mad and blind, so they believed in the existence of a certain area called Mahonia, argued that ships equipped by it floated on clouds for battered hail and storm fruits of the earth ... We even saw a few of these absurd fools who believed in the reality of such absurd things, led to a meeting of four people in chains - three men and one woman, who said they dropped out of most of these ships. After keeping them for four days in the glands, the crowd brought them to me, so I sentenced them to death by stoning. " Information about the "absurd fools" that fell from the heavenly ship - probably one of the earliest evidence of people who have visited aboard a UFO.

But if Adamski managed to make friends with the "little green", filled with their wisdom and take a ride in the "plate", the other contactors much less fortunate: they were alien to "guinea pigs." Aliens put them scientific experiments, sometimes violent and unhappy Earthlings were laboratory material for their experiments is not surprising that many of these "guinea pigs" set off the mind! The first victim of these experiments began in 1957, a resident of Brazil, Antonio Vilyash-Boas. During his ill-fated meeting with the aliens, he said later, he was taken on board a spaceship and force forced to perform sexual intercourse with an alien, according to the victim - blonde. Then the blonde gestures explained to him that the experiment of "crossing" was a success ...

In psychiatry, since the beginning of the 1970s there was a special course on the treatment of such cases. Professor of Psychiatry, University of Wyoming Leo Sprinkle rendered medical assistance to more than three hundred "victims of Aliens" in 1964-1985 years. A psychiatrist John Mack of Harvard University published in 1994 a book entitled "Abduction: meeting people with aliens", which results in data that resides in the United States at least one million patients with the syndrome of "alien victims". The main symptoms are a state of anxiety, insomnia, sudden bouts of fear, somatic disorders. Sprinkle, Mack and other psychiatrists treat this disease by hypnosis advantage.

... While printing publish truthful and implausible testimony about the facts of meetings with UFOs, aliens and their contacts with the inhabitants of the earth, the world by the end of the 1950s, split into two ideologically irreconcilable, armed to the teeth, camps, and both camps keenly watched by what's going on in the airspace of the planet. In the United States duty air defense of the country it was given to the Air Force, whose leadership was seriously inclined to assume that fixed on UFO radar screens occur, rather, from the Urals than the other planets. Already in 1948 the command of the US Air Force has created a task force called "Project Footprints", whose task was to obtain reliable information about "flying saucers." 122 UFO reports were studied, the BBC received over 1947. In 110 cases of UFOs were "identified" and 12 cases remain unexplained.

These studies were continued in the framework of the project "Gradzh" and "Blue Book" - the latter acted from 1952 to 1969. The analysis has been subjected to 12618 facts of UFO sightings. Once this amount were thrown out the obvious cases where UFO accepted aircraft, meteors, weather balloons and other aircraft and celestial phenomena, as well as a variety of jokes and the "fun" in the list was 701 cases (about 5 percent of the original quantity), when observed flying objects were impossible to identify. By the way, "rosuellsky incident" not one of them fell.

Considering further work futile, the US Air Force gradually turned all the research and have published a special report provided by the independent experts from the University of Colorado. Having studied the report of the Air Force, the experts concluded that there is not a single proof that UFOs are spaceships piloted by intelligent beings from other planets.

Completion of a formal investigation "UFO case" seemed, was to put an end to speculation about further encounters with aliens. In fact - and this is not a paradox - the exact opposite happened. From the moment when the military no longer interested in the UFO topic, fallen banner was picked up in the face of public UFO - this quaint meeting counterfeiters, crazy, selfish and disinterested researchers mysterious.

In the same year, when they were stopped work on the project "Blue Bird", Erich von Däniken published his book "Chariots of the Gods." Three years before his John Fuller released bestseller "The Interrupted Journey" - description of adventures of American couples, captured a UFO crew in the White Mountains in the northeastern state of New Hampshire. We began to appear massive evidence of aliens, conducting experiments on humans. In our country, homegrown Däniken followers fanatically proven extraterrestrial origin Baba Yaga and Kashchei Immortal. It took, however, almost ten years before "rosuellsky incident" was not a new "open" and put into circulation in the UFO as "canonical" cases of human contact with aliens from other worlds.

This "discovery" great merit of Canadian-American ufologist Stanton Friedman, who in the late 1970s, conducted its own investigation rosuellskogo case. Their findings, he published a series of sensational books, and his performance in the TV show "unsolved mysteries" gave "rosuellskomu incident" fame.

After a lot of UFO Friedman has begun to complement and develop its version of "rosuellskogo incident", and some even made with competing versions of events in 1947. As a result of their "research activities" legend Roswell "enriched" with new details the legend kernel made two fundamental thesis: in the vicinity of the summer of 1947 Roswell crashed spaceship aliens, whose crew was killed, the US military authorities hid the truth from the public and coded all the information and created "conspiracy of silence", which are dedicated to the highest leaders of the state. At the same time the fact that Roswell and its surroundings were in the 1940s and later secretive important strategic area for ufologists became very comfortable "backup" - state secret motive began to "work" in the legend. So, out of nowhere there were "men in black" (FBI), the purpose of which was allegedly bullying or harassment of any unwanted witnesses "rosuells-one incident." The press, in the opinion of Friedman and his colleagues roughly eatknuli mouth and ordered to publish a statement saying that the victim was the object of a weather balloon.

When the "independent" researchers were finally able to publish his works, it was found that 1 ^ summer '47 there was not one but at least three UFO crash, and on the site of one of the disasters the bodies of four dead crew members were found. According to witnesses, one of them still showed signs of life when the military arrived at the scene and cordoned off the area. The same witnesses, the memory of which for some reason turned out to be highly susceptible to the latest trends of the time, even remembered that in the hospital at RAF in Roswell a few days after the incident, doctors performed autopsies of small creatures with large heads, devoid of hair. "Amateur Film", supposedly fixing Alien Autopsy in the Air Force hospital in Roswell, a few years ago has been extracted from some secret archives and shown on TV. However, in the authenticity of the film's few believed - too clearly smelled him props.

If we discard all the myths and legends, the question remains: what happened in Roswell, really?

In 1944, the American geophysicist Maurice Ewing began work related to the issues of passage of sound waves in the upper atmosphere, and the US Air Force proposed after the war to establish a system to monitor nuclear explosions outside the US For this was developed a set of special equipment for high-altitude research balloon . They brought in the instrument compartment various sensors (reflectors of radio waves from a thin aluminum foil), which appears to give particularly rich food to talk about the "spaceship". In 1946, this project called "Project Mogul", the highest category of secrecy and provided almost unlimited funding was awarded. To check the "Mogul" efficiency of the system at the landfill White Sands in New Mexico, carried out test explosions of powerful conventional explosives charges. With the help of this system was carried out and monitored by a series of US nuclear testing in the Pacific. Sensors "Mogul" registered the first Soviet nuclear explosion in 1949. However, in 1950 the project was abandoned due to technical difficulties: powerful air currents in the upper atmosphere is constantly carried away balloons outside the reception monitoring stations. Fall one of these balls, and was "rosuellsky incident" ...

When the territory of the ranch fell unique top-secret probe "Mogul" system, the US intelligence urgently needed an unusual version that resemble aside even a hint of the existence of a new super-intelligence apparatus. Then that was started the legend of the crashed "flying disc" - after hearing about the "flying saucers" over the state of Washington has continued to excite the imagination of the citizens. Once a message is passed to the media and all the debris and items have been collected, the security services made a "reverse", saying that it was just a weather balloon This is the secret of controversial publications "Rosuelldeyli record." But deception grain decades later gave unexpected shoots ...

According to the American weekly "Time", 34 percent of Americans believe that aliens from other planets visited the earth, and 65 percent among them are convinced that the Roswell crash occurred alien spaceship. By the way, zealous supporters of extraterrestrial version of "rosuellskogo incident" are the city authorities, because if it were not UFOs, Roswell is a small town 48-thousand population, probably would have been known only as the home of Hollywood movie star Demi Moore. But the story about aliens provides the city an endless stream of tourists. And, accordingly, a lot of revenue to the city budget ...

To sum up the whole story, you can According to the head of the American Committee for the Scientific Investigation of the Paranormal Paul Kurtz, who said: "Rosuellskomu myth we must die a deserved death. Alone we are in the universe or not, it will be decided on the basis of the best evidence than this scam rosuellskogo piece finally stockpiled. "

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