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Historical mysteries

Historical mysteries
For all time of existence of our civilization we have accumulated a lot of strange and unexplained facts. Many of them are still shrouded in mystery. On the pages of this section historical riddles you are more familiar with most of them.

Death of giants
Dull, heavy, slow-moving, clumsy ... So in the XVIII century, he described the dinosaurs German scientist Friedrich Theodor Fischer. Since then, both have been opened their first remains of dinosaurs enjoyed a very bad reputation: enormous creatures,... Read more

This terrible DARKNESS
In July 1957 the French newspaper published a story that happened to 54-year-old wife, Mireille, a resident of the Provençal city of Arles. Mireille was an experienced, qualified nurse and her eagerly invited as a health visitor and caregivers to yo... Read more

Water named Nessie
In the north-east of Scotland, Inverness County, is a vast lowland - Great Glen. And in the midst of it reaches the highest in these harsh edges of the lake - Loch Ness (literally nose-Lake). Its area is about 60 square kilometers and the maximum dep... Read more

Unknown sea creature
In the afternoon October 31, 1983 repair team Marin County, California, working on the site haiveya number 1, just where it passes over the ocean right below them stretched the sandy beaches of Stinson Beach, and behind them - the vast Pacific Ocean ... Read more

Sirrusha from the gates of the queen
This extraordinary story could begin with the events of recent years, but we'll get to a hundred years ago, to the time when.. When June 3, 1887 a German professor Robert Koldevey, looking for a couple of days at the site of ancient Babylon excava... Read more

Bigfoot: the answer is close?
By the end of the XX century it left quite a bit, and the mystery of Bigfoot and has not been solved. It continues to haunt the minds of optimistic-minded researchers and causes all sorts of sarcastic smile opponents "in the frills and overgrown para... Read more

Devils triangle
In the western part of the Atlantic Ocean, off the south-eastern coast of the United States of America, there is an area of ​​approximately resembling the triangle. Parties of its stretch from a point north of Bermuda to the south of Florida, the... Read more

Parallel worlds
February 1, 1964 the California attorney Thomas P. fur finished his normal working day, and sat down in the car to go home, to the town of Eureka, to which it was a half hour away. But his house no one ever saw, and the true circumstances of his sudd... Read more

Split the mainland and a Sunken
If you look at a map, it is easy to notice the striking similarity coastlines of Africa and South America, Australia and Africa, Australia and the Indian subcontinent - as if a whole fragments pilfered by an unknown force and separated by ocean expan... Read more

The figures in the desert
Mysterious drawings in the Peruvian Nazca desert, the most extensive work of art in the world, one of the most outstanding and at the same time inexplicable human creations were little known until 1939. In that year, pilots flying over the desert val... Read more


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