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Historical mysteries

Historical mysteries
For all time of existence of our civilization we have accumulated a lot of strange and unexplained facts. Many of them are still shrouded in mystery. On the pages of this section historical riddles you are more familiar with most of them.

Victims of pyrokinesis
Cases where people suddenly flashed from the fire of unknown origin and burned for a few seconds, leaving behind only a handful of ashes, known since time immemorial has been established that during the spontaneous combustion of human bodies flame te... Read more

Electric people
One of the first cases of the study of the phenomenon of so-called "power people" relates to 1846 January 15 young French Angelica koten which, experienced a strange state just turned fourteen, which lasted ten days Once she come close to any subject... Read more

In May 1876 in the streets of the Chinese city of Nanjing suddenly arose a terrible panic in the city were invisible demons, cut off from the people of traditional braids. In vain did the townspeople shut hands head, trying to save her hair - it was ... Read more

Life after life
The fact that the soul is immortal, mankind knew since time immemorial. However, over the last hundred years, we strongly urge, and almost convinced that it is not. But thousands of years of historical tradition is immeasurably stronger than any of t... Read more

Zombies - the walking dead
Who are the zombies - is not alive, but not dead creatures, which are often found in Haiti? Are zombies - dead body without a reason and without a soul? whether it is in the power of sorcerers, who conquered his own, capturing the soul? Haitians b... Read more

Who are they, philippine healers?
About them tell many tales that do not want to believe in anything related to the phenomenon of spiritual healing the Philippines. But after meeting with energoterapevtom Alexander Grigoriev, repeatedly visited healers in their homeland, and invites ... Read more

Are there fish people?
This secret, exciting imagination of historians for centuries. Today, it seems, is an important step towards its unlocking ... "... That's the way Lierganes - Pamanes, March 7, 1997. 16.05. I was ready to abandon the search, which brought me to Li... Read more

The mystery of the "batman"
Together with a friend habarovchanin Dmitriy Nikonov traveled the Bikin River, a tributary of the Ussuri. And one night they heard cries of lingering, like the weeping woman. And the sound source is not standing still and moving: the screams and howl... Read more

Mermaids and unicorns
The world folklore there are many stories about poluzhenschina, poluryba, seductive inhabitant of sea depths origins of these legends date back to ancient Babylon Why do they have survived to this day. Maybe right modern psychologists who claim that ... Read more

The case of the steller cow
Fifteen years ago, we began to arrive in the magazine "Around the World" wonderful message from the Far East. As if people saw in different places along the coast - on the Kamchatka Peninsula, the Commander Islands, and in other areas - Steller's sea... Read more


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