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Historical mysteries

Historical mysteries
For all time of existence of our civilization we have accumulated a lot of strange and unexplained facts. Many of them are still shrouded in mystery. On the pages of this section historical riddles you are more familiar with most of them.

"The curse of the pharaohs" or fatal accident?
The problem of preservation of the property of the Egyptian pharaohs, which they sent to the afterlife, yet excited the pyramid builders. Against burglars used ingenious traps system, false passages and chambers, and artificial zamurovok lzhegrobnits... Read more

Stone colossi of Egypt
In Egypt, near Cairo, is the biggest colossus in the world. It is built of two and a half million stone blocks and weighs about seven million tons. This miracle is a pyramid tomb of Pharaoh Cheops. So, at least, according to archeology ... The arc... Read more

The ghost train
In 1988, writer-seascape Nikolai Cherkashin gathered in Sevastopol information about the death of the battleship "Novorossiysk". The press has already talked about this terrible catastrophe of the Soviet Navy, which claimed 608 lives. Unfortunately, ... Read more

The predictions of Fatima
In the spring of 1981 he was captured and hijacked France airliner local British Airways. The capture was not made on political grounds, as is usual, but had to force the Vatican to reveal the third prophecy made by the Virgin Mary at Fatima, Portuga... Read more

"Sign of the passion of Christ"
Hands and feet of the Savior were pierced with nails. Put on your head a crown of thorns scratched his forehead and scalp And one of the Roman legionaries struck him with a spear in the chest, leaving a deep wound ... ... For more than 750 years, ... Read more

Soaring in the sky
Gently lift off the ground and soar into the air ... Many people have experienced this state in dreams. And some - and in reality. The phenomenon of levitation - flying in the air without any tools for this - relates to one of the great mysteries tha... Read more

Telepathy - the most common parapsychological phenomenon It has repeatedly been tested almost every one of us. The most striking example - telepathic connection between mother and child: a normal, loving mother of their child immediately feels the da... Read more

Teleportation - instant transfer of material objects from one point to another with no apparent use or participation of physical force. The belief that such a thing is possible and really exists in nature, has long been considered to be the lot of al... Read more

"In this part of the Pembroke today unclean spirits closely interacted with people ... They used to express themselves, throwing trash everywhere in the desire to annoy rather than to cause any serious harm. They brought trouble and the owner and gue... Read more

Man-radar from port louis
For more than a century, the mystery remains unsolved Etienne Bottineau, who lived on the island of Mauritius in the second half of the XVIII - the beginning of the last century Bottineau Etienne was born in Champtoceaux (department Riehen-et-Loir... Read more


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