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Historical mysteries

Historical mysteries
For all time of existence of our civilization we have accumulated a lot of strange and unexplained facts. Many of them are still shrouded in mystery. On the pages of this section historical riddles you are more familiar with most of them.

Descendants of soldiers of Alexander?
"When people talk about the mysteries of ancient history, almost always remember" the descendants of Alexander the Great ", not the king himself, of course, and those who participated in the campaign of the Greeks in Asia. Who are these "candidates" ... Read more

Ahead of Columbus
Humanity has recently celebrated the 500th anniversary of the discovery of America by Christopher Columbus. But let's - for the umpteenth time - let's ask ourselves: Was Columbus the discoverer of the New World? Of course, one could argue - even i... Read more

"Talking crosses" Maya
In the days of the conquistadors planted Spanish friars noted with surprise in the New World, that the symbol of the cross was known Mayan still in the I millennium BC a cross as an object of worship and now can be seen in the ancient Indian temples ... Read more

Mysterious head "rubber people"
About three thousand years ago on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico Indian culture emerged, called Olmec. This code name was given on behalf of the Olmecs - a small group of Indian tribes who lived in the area much later, in the XI- XIV centuries. The... Read more

Stone balls in the jungle
In the area of ​​Palmar, in the southeast corner of Costa Rica and close to the border with Panama, lie a few dozen strange stone balls with a diameter of one and a half to two meters. They are randomly scattered across the territory, which once ... Read more

The mystery of the crystal skulls
May 26, 1996 the British broadcaster BBC BBC showed an hour-long program called "Mysteries of the Crystal Skull." The fact that the world-renowned company has devoted a special program for this phenomenon, says the growing interest in this puzzle. ... Read more

In search of Eldorado
The natives hundreds converged on the coast deep black lake, lying at an altitude of 2700 meters above sea level, in the crater of an extinct volcano. Soon the ceremony, and the Indians fell silent, watching the priests removed from the clothes of th... Read more

The secret collection of dr. Cabrera
Here is what Robert Sharru: - Senor, - told one of our satellites - one lives in Ica completely extraordinary person, and you should get to know him. He has a whole museum of unique stones with drawings. - Stone carved with characters? - No,... Read more

The stones of Ica
Imagine Howard Carter, Lord Carnarvon, and other members of their team, located in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt and the first time in 3300 years penetrating the tomb of Tutankhamun, - and you're only partly understand the surprise Robert Sharru, ... Read more

Stonehenge, according to the accepted methods of dating, a little younger than the famous Egyptian pyramids. But one of the ancient seven wonders of the world, he was not included - nothing about it do not write any Greek or Roman authors. Perhaps th... Read more


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