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Historical mysteries

Historical mysteries
For all time of existence of our civilization we have accumulated a lot of strange and unexplained facts. Many of them are still shrouded in mystery. On the pages of this section historical riddles you are more familiar with most of them.

A mysterious old man
In January, 1864 in distant Siberia, in a small cell at four miles from Tomsk, died tall gray-bearded old man. "Rumour rushes you, grandfather, none other than Alexander the Blessed One, if it's true?" - Asked the dying merchant SF Khromov. For ma... Read more

Who killed Charles XII?
In 1874 in Russia came to the king of Sweden Oscar II. He visited St. Petersburg, visited the Hermitage, in Moscow, visited the Kremlin, the Armory, where with unconcealed interest considered trophies captured by Russian soldiers at Poltava, the stre... Read more

What you were Cyrano de Bergerac?
Due to the famous play by Edmond Rostand, and some descriptions of our conscious personality Cyrano synonymous with reckless and witty Frenchman But there is another really mysterious Cyrano de Bergerac In many of his works he describes the world tha... Read more

Defrocked, or a kings son?
May 17, 1606 a man was killed in Moscow, who called himself the son of Ivan the Terrible, recognized his mother, the boyars and the people and became the Russian tsar. Later the same mother and the same nobles renounced him and started calling him no... Read more

On the trail of the golden idol
Legends about the fabulous riches of the North began to penetrate into Russia in the XI century, who visited Ugra, "the Stone" - of the Ural Mountains - told about the abundance in there the edges of silver and furs, that there is even a "cloud disch... Read more

The legend of Doctor Faustus
From the depths of centuries came to us a legend about a man who with the help of Satan - angel, cast into hell because of pride and the desire to catch up in the power of the Creator - and decided to challenge God, mastering the mysteries of the wor... Read more

In search of "The Flying Dutchman"
Popular among sailors legend of "Flying Dutchman" - a ship doomed to eternal wandering at sea space for the sins of his captain - Dutchman van der Straaten, arose at the turn of the XV and XVI centuries. Even in complete calm, say experts maritime fo... Read more

The mystery of the "land of parrots"
It has been almost five years since Vasco da Gama rounded the Cape, opened Bartolomeu Dias found a new route to India. This meant that from now on Lisbon will be directly linked to Calicut and Malabar, and the treasures of Golconda be unloaded on the... Read more

Robin hood: myth or reality?
More than six centuries of living legend of the noble bandit, and scientists still have not managed to establish whether there was actually Robin Hood. "Robin was proud robber - unknown author wrote" The Ballad of Robin Hood "at the end of the XV ... Read more

Tomb of st. Peter
February 10, 1939, died Pope Pius XI. In the vast St. Peter's Basilica in Rome gathered thousands of believers; in a single burst of mournful they prayed for the repose of the soul of the deceased pontiff, merged into one loud cry ... At the same ... Read more


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