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Historical mysteries

Historical mysteries
For all time of existence of our civilization we have accumulated a lot of strange and unexplained facts. Many of them are still shrouded in mystery. On the pages of this section historical riddles you are more familiar with most of them.

Who shoot in John F. Kennedy?
November 22, 1963 at 11 o'clock 38 minutes the plane US Air Force number one landed without incident at the airport Love Field in Dallas. On the bright blue sky shone merciless Texas sun. In the shade was more than 30 degrees. Weather Service once ag... Read more

The death squad of the Ural polytechnic university
Almost half a century ago (13 January 1948), in Minsk was murdered Solomon Mikhoels - director of the State Jewish Theater, People's Artist of the USSR. The circumstances of his death are now known, though no official investigation has not yet been, ... Read more

Negoita serenade Genna Miller
December 15, 1944 at a military airfield near London on board a single-engine "Nortmena" rose Major US forces Glenn Miller. As instructed, he flew to the liberation of Paris to conduct the orchestra of the US Air Force at a Christmas concert for the ... Read more

The return of Martin Bormann?
Each of us has his own biography. A few lines: date of birth, place of study work, marital status, party affiliation, and the proportion of merit - and the point. Driving is monotonous: for celebrities and commoners. Describe the life of this man... Read more

The same Amber room, and maybe it still is?
In February 1945, a good volley with coast Vistula Lagoon battery Major Roughly sent through the ice luge carts Germans taken prisoner, the driver told the Major that sunk sleigh was the Amber Room of the Russian palace in evidence the prisoner took ... Read more

Will discole of the Third Reich
It got us recently eyes curious manuscript. The author has worked for a long time abroad. In Montevideo, in Paraguay, he had a chance to meet with the former prisoner camp CP-A4, which was located under the Peenemünde in northern Germany, where, as ... Read more

Mystery death of the airship "Hindenburg"
History decreed that the death of the best German, American and British airship came in time their most popular series of the Holocaust have followed, and the supporters of the "heavier-than-air" took advantage of this. Specifically, manufacturers an... Read more

The mystery of Kaspar Hauser
At Pentecost 1828, two peaceful Bavarian philistine, shoemakers Vayhman and Beck, returning from a tavern, being very tipsy clock on the tower had just recaptured five o'clock Suddenly Vayhman stopped Beck did the same Vayhman, pushing his elbow frie... Read more

Iberian savage
On the pages of old newspapers sometimes can meet strange stories. Here is one of them, it was almost two centuries. It is published in the "Journal de l'Ampir" January 17, 1814, signed by the deputy prefect Mr Foy district Basklya de Lagreza. Althou... Read more

Could to poison Napoleon?
It all started with the fact that in 1955 in France were published memoirs of Louis Marchand, servants and bodyguards of the emperor, had lain on the shelf archive 120 years before historians have given them a comment and let out into the light. Marc... Read more


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