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Women more than men suffer from stress at work

Women more than men suffer from stress at work
The American Psychological Association conducted a survey of more than 1.5 thousand. People in order to determine the degree of influence of the "job stress" on their body and health. The poll showed 54 percent of people believe that their hard work and contribution to the company estimates too low. 61 per cent of people were dissatisfied with the lack of "career lift" as a whole or in a particular career. At the same time the fair sex more often faced with a variety of emotional difficulties at work.

"My employer does not allow me to grow and does not appreciate my work" - this position is 32 per cent of women. According to psychologists, this situation leads to high levels of stress. Firstly, it is a blow to the self-assessment of the employee. Secondly, in the context of the ongoing crisis since 2008, an increasing number of families depend on the size of the salary of his wife. Even if the husband earns well, his salary is not enough to support a family.

As a result, a vicious circle goes. Woman feels stress on the job, but can not at any time resign or go on leave because her salary - an important part of the family budget. According to psychologist David Posen, published the book "kills you work? Recommendations doctor how to beat job stress ", constant stress reduces productivity. The employee is not able to think clearly, he begins to suffer short-term memory and ability to make decisions and take responsibility for those decisions.

As a result, a growing number of sick days and absenteeism of workers, enterprises marked "staff turnover", the country's rising costs of the state of medical care. According to approximate estimates Posen, due to stress employees lose 300 billion. Dollars a year. Although some companies still goes towards its employees. The leaders are trying to reduce the level of stress at work, as well as the self-esteem of ordinary workers.

As for the fairer sex, it tends to keep most of the offenses in themselves. In women, due to high levels of stress may appear strong and regular headaches, panic attacks, tachycardia. Says Louis Barthes, Corporate Training Specialist: "Women often do not dare to speak in his own defense, or openly condemn the behavior of other employees, which they consider unfair. Especially hard women working among men. After all, there is no one wants to hear about maternal duties. Men are reluctant to concessions for women who are raising children. "

Most experts on corporate communications believe that now one of the most important problems of any leader is the inability to find a balance between austerity and the suppression of the individual employees. If the staff refers too soft, they begin to "sit on the neck" (shirk work, to steal). At the same time, if the staff have great psychological pressure, then they will fall operation. This will negatively affect the company's profits.

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