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Women complexes associated with male selfishness

Women complexes associated with male selfishness
It is no secret that many women are very offended by the attitude and remarks of his men . Men irritate not only the methods that are used by women in relationships, but also their own problems. Male lot of time and effort to the operation and implementation. If he is experiencing some difficulties in its own sales and relationships in society, often breaks down at home. Who becomes an object on which a man breaks? Of course, his wife. It affects the echoes of bygone days when women had no rights in the company of men, and the husband was responsible for his wife to the society and considered her his property. Coming home, the man wants to feel what it is to believe. He wants to get away from his wife's support, which would look like a confirmation of his manhood.

Many women do not realize that you need a man. They estimate it based on their notions, so treat him as a woman.

How often women are closely following the words of men! They want to be more attractive in order to create their own happiness. The woman is always ready to change something in yourself. Men seldom recognize themselves flawed, they are looking for them on the side to find someone who is worse than them. Men are born to achieve superiority. That is why a purely masculine trait is selfishness, when the main in the relationship - it's the best feeling in some area. This forms a male friendship, where each respects the other his best skills, but do not forget to mention their superiority in another area. Good friendships can be fastened, for example, between a good programmer and a good manager, as one respects the implementation of another.

And for women it is not so. Female friendship is born on an emotional level. This friendship is equivalent to empathy two unhappy women. No wonder, when one of them happens to happiness, the friendship dissolves.

Many women do not get the appropriate knowledge about men trying to be friends with them too feminine. If a man goes for it, then quickly turns into a woman. Since everyone has a mother, and how to be like the behavior of his mother, knows every man. If he wants to be a man, it is desperate to fight this confidence. Similarly, a woman struggling with negative behaviors for yourself mother, which again and again to repeat themselves. They begin to hate myself for it, but do not know how to change.

Men are at war with maternal affection and tenderness, emotion in yourself to look men. Society imposes stereotypes of male behavior to help "strong floor" feel like a man. Unfortunately, the current patriarchal society does not offer the stereotypes of female behavior, but only imposes external features, which should have a woman to call the sexual attraction of the opposite sex. This reflects the desire of men to have their sex toy that in difficult moments of doubt in their own masculinity could help validate his male gender by gender characteristic.

Modern society has learned to use contraceptives, so as not to have children. It's time to master the knowledge of the psychological characteristics of the men who will be a kind of contraception by women against taking the words of men, said in exasperation.

Most women complexes associated with men, their utterances and manifestations. Too many women look at themselves, seeking its flaws and imperfections. Thus evolved the history of mankind, that of a man, protector and breadwinner, dependent life of the woman and children: like him a woman, he would take her to his cave, and will protect and feed, and do not like - expel the cave of wild beasts, or she will die of hunger. So women look for men stare at them as they continue to experience fear foremothers.

In order to please her man, a woman lay down on the table, plastic surgery, increase or cut off "too much." But is it too much? Many men are annoyed at the woman because of that experience problems in the implementation of their masculinity. Whatever the woman cheated on her body, masculine man is not increased.

In order to stop picking on yourself and learn how to help a man, it should be easy to understand.

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