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A womans desire for the law, while the desire of a man – woman!

A womans desire for the law, while the desire of a man – woman!
Have you thought about what you want?
What are the desires you cast your men?
Which of these desires men perform?

Today I am happy cup of coffee for breakfast.
Tomorrow I am madly want sandals that she saw in the window.
It is necessary sandals bag.
And I would like to rest.

With the arrival of winter, of course, urgently needs a coat of sable, so as not to freeze!
You have time to meet all your desires? How do you do it? You help a man?
A woman is the desire to have fun. When we want something to give the desired, our desire to have fun filled. We experience joy and want to start something new. That is our nature!

If you dive into the story, we see that the desire women have always performed with the help of men. Women dream, wish, while the men sang the desire to give pleasure at the same time, the glory, the power of the sea and the attention of the opposite sex. Every woman wanted a man was with her.
However, women bear a great responsibility for their own desires.

Nature created man so that he can not fulfill the desires of its women. After all, every man wants to see next to a happy woman, and do everything that it was. Provided that the woman wants a real desire to perform.

And women often do not allow a man to fulfill his desire, saying: "I will do everything", "You can not," "You do not like I want to," and then suffer from the fact that everything in your life do it themselves. And you just need to trust your man and tell him what you want.

I think if a man know your wishes? He knows exactly what you want? After all, even the smallest your desire that he can perform, causing him a lot of positive emotions!
For example, a man buy you the most delicious coffee in the best institution. You like it? He very much. And if you still say that it is well done, found such a beautiful place, buy you a coffee and you are so comfortable for a long time not spent the time, he saw beside him a happy woman, too, will be happy.

Please the men let them fulfill your desires and be grateful to them for that!
So you will always feel like a real woman, and the man next to you is a real man!

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