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The new woman of the XXI century

The new woman of the XXI century
In today's society there has been a perceptible tendency to change the role of women. Women are increasingly beginning to occupy leading positions in business and politics. How to regard it - as a positive or as a disturbing factor? The unequivocal answer can not be. Of course, past the time when the scope of the interests of women are confined to the kitchen, children, church. Very often modern woman strives not only to start a family, but also to get an education, and then to make a professional career.

The scale of public opinion has changed, too. If in the middle of the twentieth century, from a woman wanted to have a family and a modest work, which would provide it with the same time a modest pension, the present age gives quite different possibilities. Woman having a good education and appropriate skills, has a chance to build a career that corresponds to her abilities and ambitions. Present discrimination element (ceteris paribus man recruit still more likely than women) only stimulates a woman's desire to become more competitive - more erudite and experienced in their field.

But what about the family home? This, too, can not overshadow. In today's world a woman is designed to keep up with everything that is to be a good worker and a good wife and a good mother. No link in this chain can not be overlooked. This is a very big load, but a woman can cope with it if you wish.

If a woman wants to be held and family life, and in the profession, it is necessary to overcome the negative qualities that prevent life plans, and acquire positive skills and self control over the situation. A woman should not be afraid, and to wonder whether it will cope with the set objectives, whether can achieve the desired result in all areas of life. We need to act decisively and persistently, without fear of mistakes or failures and constantly improving themselves. Only self-discipline and dedication of their creative abilities and mental capacities will lead eventually to the present (complete) self-realization, that is the goal of the aspirations of the modern woman.

In addition, the actions of women should be directed not only to themselves but also to their loved ones. It should improve relations in the family - to build them so that the family did not burden her, and there was encouragement and support, a source of enthusiasm and energy.

To achieve all this is not easy. It should become a strong, successful and worldly-wise. To do this, a woman should have a strong will to win. You must initially feel like a winner - success likes strong and confident people.

Women, paradoxically, by its very nature more tolerant than men. It is no secret that the life expectancy of women significantly more than men. This is due to the flexibility of the female psyche, and with a greater capacity for self-regulation of the female body. In addition, the power of women to be versatile and do not get hung up on any one sphere of life. To fully realize themselves, a woman must equally devote their energies and emotions as a career and family.

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