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A woman can do anything!

A woman can do anything!
Many people forget about it. Loads itself fears and experiences. They love to run into the victim's position. Girlfriends help. They say to each other (the girlfriend girlfriend) horror. The most respectable one in which the most terrifying horror. For example, the husband drove and dropped lover. There is experience. And life is passing.

Past success and joy fly martyr and "perezhivatelnitsy". They have no time to build and develop. After all, the world is unfair. Diseases, overweight, cellulite is terrible to live! But it is easy to be a victim.

Everything is simple. Either you are the author of your life, or the victim of injustice and circumstances.

To me treat many victims asking for help. Their stories do not impress and amuse.

"My young man a scoundrel, I can no longer live with him, he does not understand me. Jealous of all in a row, even to those with whom I have not slept. "

I have to feel sorry for her and indignant young man? The young lady is clearly playing out themselves unfortunate victim. It is possible that the girlfriend will regret. I'm not a friend. In this case, I'm not even a therapist. There does not need any therapy. Her request is directed to a confirmation of an already established opinion - I was miserable, and poor young man.

Somehow, I believe in people more than they themselves.

Here she sits in front of me, a young, beautiful, everything is in her hands. The whole world can be opened, if only to want. But no, he does not want to.

A woman can do anything! Only then, when he wants.

So I tell a big secret, but only those who have something else wants to get in your life, not just to lose.

Stop being a victim 24 hours a day. Start small. Remove from your vocabulary words such as: horror, nightmare, all men ..., everything is very bad, I could never ... I have always ....

Shake. Make last that long wanted that love. Allow yourself to it. Someone will be useful just for a walk, get some fresh air. Maybe run. Exercise causes the brain in order.

Dispose of your lives, that you are "a nightmare", and they are regularly "everything bad", and you need them only as a "toilet", which merges all negative. They need it, and you are what?

Take care of business. It detracts from the experience. It can be a hobby, hobby, favorite work.

They say that new people, new encounters - very good for a distraction from any negativity. Meet, communicate, all in your hands.

It's a start. After all, a woman can do everything, if he wants. The choice is yours!

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