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Why am i such a fool?

Why am i such a fool?
Any girl periodically sets in your mind yourself why I'm such a fool , and how to change it. Perhaps the wording is changed, but the meaning remains the same. She reproaches herself for some actions and oversights that are very difficult to fix, but it is very easy be envisaged. Should I blame myself, to call himself a fool and otherwise reproach, or need to get rid of this feeling.

. Why are all these women fools In this article we will discuss about the reasons that can make a woman feel like a fool, and that is it really necessary - samobichevat themselves. However, we think about the real objective of the charges and the mistakes that you have managed to do. If you have some kind of personal story that you would like to share, please write it in the comments to this article.

So, should start with the fact that women often do behave like fools . Even though many of them do not agree with this accusation, especially when it sounds from the mouth of a man, but sometimes the truth is not on your side. Read the article that irritates men in women and perhaps you will learn the features of some of the silly girls who act like fools.

Definitely answer the question of why women fools is not possible, this is due to the genetic level. Women can not think logically, are not able to make quick and rational decisions are often amenable to emotional outbursts, leading to an incorrect assessment of the situation. Then they reproach themselves and try to fix it by asking, during weeping into a pillow, why am I such a fool. Of course, not all women are, but most of it is accurate.

Women drive bad cars, talking on the phone for a long time, may blurt out something offensive, then what are sorry pass, why am I such a fool the test, and then wonder why the number of points. In general, you can make a lot of mistakes, but some of it is difficult to survive, because they are changing lives dramatically and confirmed by many sayings about women. Let's now talk about such situations.

a lot of guys are wondering why my girlfriend is a fool , and why she did not see that I flirt with another right behind her? In fact, she sees a blind eye to what is happening, they sincerely believe that guy still loves only her and all the mischief will not affect their warm feelings. The girl becomes a mature woman and her husband continues to believe him, when he says that the meeting stays on or goes on a business trip. Many aphorisms about women devoted to this very credulity
But any cheating becomes uncovered and then the husband thinks his wife why a fool , and my wife thinks - and really, why am I such a fool. It knew that it changes, know that sooner or later he will leave me or ruin our lives, but I still believe him. That is a key feature of such accusations is the fact of knowing that no one but the woman is not guilty. It is important.
Many psychologists believe flagellation devastating to patients who repent of their mistakes. Causing mental suffering itself as punishment for errors makes the person even more degraded and fall into the abyss of chronic depression.

Perhaps the opposite situation, when the woman plays the role of a mistress and naively believes that the man left his wife and live with her ​​. She wonders why I'm considered a fool and do not believe my luck. And all think so, because they know that no where a man does not go away, will live with his wife and children, and you it just powders brains.
How often do we think why my sister is a fool or a girl in May, because she did not pay attention to the obvious things. In fact, it is not stupid and naive and trusting. Who would not say, but the girl is easy to soften, such as talk, to ingratiate himself with and use for their own gain. All this is not to say that the girl was a fool, she simply naive.
As we have not really wonder why the blonde fools s, we just take it for granted. Read jokes about blondes, teasing blonde classmate, confirming and sincerely believing in one of the stereotypes of our society. Blondes, in turn, in no hurry to resist this error and use their image fool. Beneficial to all.
Very often, these charges can be heard during family quarrels , especially between parents and teens. After swearing and accusations of lack of understanding, the girl locked in her room and thinking why fool mom. After this, he wrote in a blog why I'm such a fool verses how unfair the world and tells friends that no one in the whole world does not understand.
In fact, you do not need much to think over why I'm such a fool , because if you asked yourself this question, then it is already not an automatic. After all, the real fools are not even aware that they are, lack of self-criticism and a chance to look at their behavior from the outside, the main feature of fools. Take care of yourself, not engaged in soul-searching. Think positively, here are some links that will help you with this.

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