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12 pros living unmarried girls

12 pros living unmarried girls
It turns out that in the life of a girl who is not yet married, have a number of advantages! One has only to consider them and take life with joy. So:

1. The question of "where have you been so long?" You will not be asked. So - you're free to come home whenever you want.

2. You do not have responsibilities in the evenings to stand at the stove and cook dinner. A loved one can indulge light salads with cheese and a glass of wine.

3. You can watch your favorite melodrama with tears and feelings at any time of the day - you is no ban.

4. You are spared from the daily procedures of ironing shirts and trousers.

5. The morning of the day you can safely start with a pleasant face masks or soak in a relaxing bath.

6. Another point of beauty - you have enough time to care for themselves. Use it in the fun!

7. Jars with cream and other beauty products you can place on all the shelves in the bathroom. Not only there.

8. You are unknown accusations about uncooked lunch or dirty dishes.

9. Do you generally unknown to reproaches. Is that from his own conscience.

10. Are you happy to make new acquaintances and run on dates. And after all, you can chat with friends.

11. Think, even when you have the opportunity to do what you want? Someday you got the family will have to forget about selfishness and take care not only about themselves but also for others.

12. Sometimes you can afford to spend the entire salary on cosmetics, new shoes or a pretty blouse, without fear to make a dent in the family budget.

The main thing is that now is the time when you choose your mate. This means that there is no reason to be sad. Enjoy the present day!

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