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These unemotional man!

These unemotional man!
Again, you're trying to explain to her husband or lover their experiences. And all over again, "hurting" about the rational advice. You have offended a friend - you are long and difficult sadness. Story offended cause in men, most likely "value" argument: "Well, not vodis with it!". You expound again - it is a long-standing and best friend, the gap is not interesting. The answer: "Well, vodis!". Men will provoke confusion and rush of your feelings, especially nasty. How much do you any convey in words the feelings - does not work. The question like "what do you want from me?" Quickly return you to the ground, and perhaps more upset. Why this, why so?

Men - emotionally stupid?

In no case! Often they are experiencing stronger and deeper than women. But the world of emotions for many men - a closed area. When extreme life circumstances "pushed out" men in this area - they completely lose their orientation. This manifests itself in the men's lack of understanding of their emotional experiences and inability to express them. Super-thin emotion for them too heavy - starts to panic about the rapid loss of self-control. Afford lack of control? Yes, ever. All - only under supervision! Including state of mind. In other words, men are less able to worry and guided initially on logic and reason. This is, without doubt, reduces sensitivity to defects in human relations. But it makes it more logical and decisive. The woman is still a good idea to remember that heavy emotions provoke men not so much "distortions" in the behavior of many diseases at once. Heart attacks and strokes "catch up" with men young and middle age often. One of the reasons - the inability to recognize their feelings, to take into account, and to express them.

You are set up to your man to be a man? Therefore it is not necessary to "reforge". He need only consider that the experience and intuition to have more significant than logical "structures." And he may not share your feelings, but would be taken into account.

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