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Treason, where their roots?

Treason, where their roots?
Almost all the young girls say that infidelity will never be able to forgive. But the years go by, and the ranks of these brave ladies noticeably thinning. Why do people change? What to do with them: to forgive or not? And to prevent this possible?

Marriage crisis
Spouses often begin to change each other during the marriage. The crisis comes after a couple of years of living together. It may sound strange, but psychologists say are dangerous first, fifth and subsequent years. But the crisis can visit your home and at unscheduled times when the family is experiencing difficulties. In such cases, one party may find a relationship on the side.
It so happens that one side is successfully building a career, and the other "lagging behind." Consolation people prefer to find outside the family. Moreover, the woman considers a hobby, as a new stage of life; it is women who decide not simply to change, and fasten a new novel, and then to create a family. But it is worth serious thought, because at stake is your life.

Search for yourself
Debt-limit partners, as is necessary to come up with how to spend a weekend, to put up with the habits of the partner. The new relationship helps find yourself on the other side. For example, your young man does not love the party, prefers to spend the holidays at home, and you meet an inveterate traveler and do not mind the same day to go with him on a world tour. Treason is considered the acquisition of something missing in my life. It is best to talk with her husband and tell him about your desires.

Often infidelity becomes the result of the uncertainty in their own attractiveness. Changes often someone who wants to constantly make sure that it is also good-looking. Betrayal is an indication that you still can someone please, except the elect.

Treason can be a place not only for such action, but also for any humiliation or insult your partner. It does not matter if the other half of it finds its own role only satisfaction from the work done.

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