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What topics are discussed like men?

What topics are discussed like men?
Community men can be divided into business, communication with his wife, with other women, with children, with his beloved mother-in. Communicate with colleagues, with friends, in general communication in a man's world.

Men love to gossip and love to gossip, they know all the details of amorous developments at work. The eternal theme of their conversation - it's sex, about sex, about the types of sex.

Then there is the theme of the female body, and the fact that a number of seen on television or on a magazine cover. Why is palm always goes to that body, which is unattainable! On this occasion, even a anecdote. Drunk man comes home, walks into the bedroom looking at his sleeping wife, and says: "Oh, would someone else, the price would not have been ..."

It should be noted that the juicy details and fantasies like to share just those men who does not work with private life. Perhaps they do not want to lose face and envy their more successful fellows.

There are other topics for discussion in the men's team, well, for example, cars. About iron horses men can talk for a long time, a lot, passionately. Hex, they can discuss the novelties of digital technology, computers, video cameras, home theaters, etc.

Another important theme of sport. At this point someone like that - football, hockey, boxing, wrestling, billiards ... ..

The next topic of conversation - it's money. We are talking about money all alone - because they love to boast, others - because they love to spend it. Men can intermeddle into debt, but especially not intermeddle in the topic of clothes, style and fashion. Here men are guided by the herd instinct - that everyone, even me.

Oh, and if a man with a serious look something negotiate the, this may not always be serious topic! Perhaps at this very moment, they discuss their erotic dreams and fantasies ?!

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