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10 simple ways how to strengthen the relationship.

10 simple ways how to strengthen the relationship.
1. Learn to trust the man. Often, women, giving only the body, believe that given all of myself. Do not be afraid to trust, usually it is a counter-confidence after what Hello, this is the answer. Not necessarily on the first date to initiate him into the mysteries of his past, but on the whole relations depend in many respects on trust.

2. sincere interest in his affairs , discuss topics that are important to him. Men can be very difficult to clothe their feelings into words, so first you have to string up. But in any case, do not sit in silence with a strained face. Encourage your loved one to share with you, you will like it.

3. Praise a man, just do not lie. If you do not like his style of dress, then praise him for his inimitable combination of jacket and sneakers are not worth it. Do compliment what you like really.

4. Appreciate his achievements , for sure there is something in what he was better than other men. Only here we must praise for the big, globally, in terms of: - "How did you reach this", "Wow, this is the scale! You know how to make a decision! ".

5. To win big, learn to give way to small. If we are not talking about the fundamental aspects, do as it is convenient. What do you, in fact, is very close tube of toothpaste or attributed his socks in the washing machine? If the husband does not irritate chicanery, he will be in good mood, and it will not be difficult to meet you is that important to you.

6. A man sometimes you want to be alone , take him this pleasure.

7. develops and improves , if you are happy with yourself and interesting, then you will be interesting and different, too. Including him, the only.

8. Be beside him Woman , forget about emancipation, develop a feminine, while men want you to develop a number of its men.

9. Listen to the man , even if you are sure that all already know. Your relationship will be threatened as long as you do not learn to listen to the man's opinion. And keep in mind that a man often said deeds and actions.

10. Let the man that has not previously given to other women. Most of all, if he is with you, the chips may be all of the above items.

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