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Top 10 men's fears

Top 10 men's fears
Our men, as it turns out, being timid and gentle. They have their own phobias and fears. Psychologists have identified a list of the major horror stories, from which shakes half the stronger sex.

1. The main fear for men - is the fear of poverty. This fear drives every morning of our pious work, that has always been stashed penny for a rainy day. The man considered to be the breadwinner, and therefore the inability to provide for his family is equal to the life fiasco.

2. The second major fear for men is considered to be a fear of disease! This woman may be a high temperature to work on their feet all day, and then another house become to the plate. And here is our gentle man at the first suspicion of a runny nose fall down on the sofa and writing a will break through.

3. Many men just pathologically afraid to be in a ridiculous position. Observe how your spouse is responding to the ridicule in his address. But for all that men believe even the most blatant flattery!

4. Another fear, that covers our men - is the fear of losing his authority and power. Have you noticed how often the faithful, insisting on its even in the slightest dispute breaks to cry. He is afraid that his image of the most influential and intelligent can suffer.

5. "You loser!" - This phrase for any man sounds like a death sentence. Men panic fear being unfounded in all spheres. Whether it's professional, personal or sexual.

6. Many men cleverly disguise the fear of strong women, as a mockery of feminists. But the facts - an obstinate thing. The man is not ready to concede the prerogative of the woman considered "stronger sex".

7. A good half of the male population is afraid of a stable relationship. And not just because your man is a windy, just get scared, that from now on will have to share with you not only the bed, but also feelings.

8. The other half of our men, on the other hand, fear of loneliness. Thanks to the thought of the infamous glass of water, which must bring someone to the deathbed, the man still reach the registrar's office.

9. Fear of their own weakness. Weakness - the prerogative of women and men are well aware of this. Because they hide their sentimentality. They hated man's tears, especially their own.

10. Finally, the fear that someone will see their fear!

How to deal with the fears of our pious?

We must always remember that there is a rule of attraction in the world. If you are afraid of something, that is something certainly be attracted to you! He who is afraid to ruin, be sure to go bankrupt, and the fearful destruction of love certainly will fail!

Men's fears are not as terrible as presented. It is we, women, can help your loved ones to deal with them. First of all, we must make it clear to his men, that these fears are living only in his head! Let pious calm down, and we, as the weaker sex, we will fully support them.

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