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How to tell a man that I like him?

How to tell a man that I like him?
The woman asked: "Is there a man Serious, rigorous, business on the one hand, I really like, on the other - I respect him very much and highly timid in front of him I want a relationship with him, but do not know how to tell him...."

The issue of women (over the last week - ten or twenty similar content):

"Like a man Serious, rigorous, business on the one hand, I really like, the other -.. I very much respect and timid in front of him I want a relationship with him, but do not know how to tell him.".

Make it clear to the man that you like him - it is very exciting, especially for modest girls. Especially scary to hear in response, "and you tell me - no," or, even worse, - ridicule, mockery.

But in fact, the easiest and most effective way - to say all men as it is. I am a supporter of integrity, honesty and openness and uncertainty opponent, fog, hints and waggings. Therefore, I believe the best way to blunt. Of course, provided that the man is familiar with you and somehow you know. Otherwise, instead of refusing to answer may sound even more embarrassing, "Who are you?".

So, start with the situation, if you're with him relatively well know (and he with you) and the question "who are you?" Is heard accurately. It does not matter whether you know in real life or on the network. Now network is even larger number of successful dating than in real life, because a lot of time people spend just on the Internet. And often tied relationship between people living in different cities.

The simpler and more direct you to tell him about his interest in it, the clearer it will be:

1. His attitude towards you agree - excellent. Just refuse - will not have to suffer the unknown. Starts "yes or no" - see paragraph 2..

2. Who is in front of you. In his reaction, you will understand a lot. It will scoff, sneer - you better, that recognized the idiot before the start of the relationship. It will wrinkle, "yes or no" - it is very doubtful of its seriousness and efficiency. In addition, it is possible that he is a manipulator, frendzonschik. His answer shows very clearly the character of his features.

When a woman is clearly makes it clear that the man she cares about, it kills two birds with one stone.

A. Men react very badly to all sorts of vague hints and other symbols. Especially business men. Build eyes, wagging tail, eyesore, lead vague poboltushki network, leave kommentiki and huskies useless to them. Most likely they will accept as a normal female coquetry, that does not mean anything. And miss it by yourself, as an unnecessary extraneous stimulus. And if you do the same, but a lot and often, that man can find a woman at all intrusive and strange. Moreover, he did this can not be overlooked. And when you give clearly to understand that it is interesting to you, it is possible to avoid these neponyatok.

B. When a woman tells a man explicitly that he likes her, a man greatly reduced spaces for courses and waggings. In fact, he must choose between "yes" and "no." Even the nature of the oscillations can be determined attitude of men. For example, direct questions. He does not give a clear answer, because the bad you know. Or because you have something that he does not like. Or is it just in the relationship, but does not speak to you, to keep you on the bench. Or is he just mumble that he did not know what he wants and is not able to make a decision. And so it will fluctuate, doubt, rushing between alternatives. That's how much a woman gives useful information directness and honesty.

Not necessarily the first word to say "I like you, want a relationship with you." If you are modest and shy, very afraid of failure, it is possible to test the first of his attitude towards you. It is positive or negative? Or neutral, indefinitely? How to do it, I explained in the article "How do you know that you're like a girl."

However, we should not be afraid of failure. Better clear rejection than weeks, months or even years to suffer in obscurity and suffer from unrequited love.

But the reverse option, consent of the man, will refer the case to the desired direction you.

If he does not know very well, it is better first to attract his attention indirectly. The easiest, but not the most effective way - talk about general topics. Why is the easiest - is understandable. Straining requires, goes easily.

Why is not the most productive? Because the business is really engaged men who do not have a good time on the Internet, and busy work. They can find it with your poboltushkami you hronofazhkoy. Flip lady who just kills the time for meaningless, empty chatter. Kill them time. Therefore, a great risk of being ignored or even hear from a man a strict request not to take his time on trifles. For example, I'm doing.

Therefore, I suggest another way. It is difficult, but far more effective. It helps man in his affairs. Just offer him their assistance. After all, you do at least roughly know what he does? By the way, it's a great test of his feelings. A woman who is in love, help her man pulls. So actually there is no minuses. But there is an opportunity to get acquainted with the affairs of men, and with him, his character, values, world view. This is a huge plus. Nothing brings people together more, as a general matter. Only it is important that it is the desire to help, he was sincere. False desire - when a woman is not interested in affairs of men, she just wants to quickly and surely zahomutat it - quickly recognized.

Your sincere help man will serve a great service in the development of your relationship. It is unlikely that a man of his otmahnёtsya minded and faithful assistant . Remember: a mistress normal man is readily available, but the faithful companion - is much more difficult.

How to respond to failure? Yes way. Honest rejection without manipulyashek and izdёvok - this is normal. A man may be in a relationship. He may like a different type of women. Yes who knows what! At least, it is better to cry once due to failure than months or even years to exhaust itself, being in uncertainty. And to pump confidence and morale read my article "How to respond to women's failure" . It is written for men, but the essence is the same.

How to react if he does not say either yes or no? There are three options:

1. He is not familiar with you, your character can be a treat you with caution, disbelief. It differs from the other two options that a man becomes interested in you and he tries to get to know you better. Initiates contact: Dating, skype phoned. It gives a lot of questions about you, thine regard to certain things, situations. In particularly serious men, it sometimes looks like an interrogation, but do not be frightened. It is not by hazard or suspicion. Just so thoughtful a man trying to understand what kind of person in front of him. This man's behavior - a sign of the seriousness and sense of purpose. This is a good sign. Why - you will understand when compared with the other two points. For your activity applies a positive, fully supports it.

2. It is flabby, diffident man who did not know, "yes" or "no." More specifically, a weakling who can not make decisions, forever torn between alternatives, and runs on the choice of solutions to problems in general. He does not have a clear opinion and a strong position on any issue. Including about you. This is noticeable by its passivity. He does not seek to get to know you better to decide "yes" or "no." Your steps in doing so he will accept with joy. Actually, because of this man and can be found - on the discrepancy between their own passivity and a positive attitude towards your activity. However, your activity can cause resistance once. For example, if it would lead to the need for a clear choice. In particular, if you offer him to move out.

3. It is a normal arm, and you see the role of pretender to frendzonu or on the bench. This is evident by his carelessness towards your activity and reluctance to get acquainted with you closer. He was, in principle, all the same, what's your character and what kind of person. For frendzony it does not matter.

If you let him know that he cares about you, and he met it with irony, derision, mockery. Well, sometimes we come across scoundrels. And you lucky enough to run into one of them. Very good, that his nasty nature was revealed before you started a serious relationship. Should I regret the fact that the fate of you parted with such a man?

Warning: Think, think, if you did not do it something that could have caused the irony? For example, if you once said "no", or dynamite threw it, and now decided to return to it or get out of frendzony, then you blame only myself. Dull comeback and the truth can only laugh. Or it may be the first words you start to put forward the absurd requirements and conditions with the same result. There could blame only himself.

Honesty, integrity, openness is very complicate the lives of manipulators of any gender, which becomes more difficult to maneuver. Ideal conditions for manipulyashek - the fog of uncertainty. And the frankness and openness of the mist disperses in a jiffy. But greatly facilitate healthy relationships. When you know what your feelings are mutual, go to each other much easier and more enjoyable.

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