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Should I talk to the man about my former?

Should I talk to the man about my former?
A woman who has gone through a divorce or separation, of course, is under the influence of strong emotions. For some, it is a surprise to anyone, on the contrary, a fait accompli, which even existed. And if the point has long been set, often in the direction of ex-lover still stretches a trail of senses.
If you do the same, you're doing a huge mistake, and here's why:
1. The man with her ​​story receives "instructions for use of this girl." If a girl tells that the former cheated on her, did not respect the money and did not give the house did not sleep, it shows thus what level of relationship she had. And it was at this level agree. If he cheated on her periodically, and she remained with him in a relationship - it means, in general, she is willing to endure the betrayal of the cause of the break in relations and it would not be. Consequently, it is possible and gulnut. If she says that the former did not give her the money and she did everything herself - excellent! He never hears from her own lips the same, that she herself used to provide and pull all their problems. And, therefore, he should not be strained.
Imagine that you buy a used car and choose between the two options. The owner of one car - very fond of her, poured gasoline only the best, polished, regularly washed, she stood in the heated garage and took time TO. Buying this car, you too will take care of it and just watch her. At least at first. But if the owner of the car tells you that he smoked it, so seating is slightly burnt, transporting it debris, sometimes slept in her work, and then to treat this car you will be just like him. Not to mention the fact that you clearly prefer to buy first. Remember: never say her new man, how is your attitude toward your ex, if you do not want him to repeat his behavior.

2. These stories you can scare a good man. If you show that the quality of the relationship you've had here is, that you show the standard of their performances. That is, it is the norm for you. But there is a high probability that the man to whom you are so enthusiastic about this saying has a different standard of quality relationship in their head. And if you tell that you have changed, did not give money, cheated, and even sometimes Tapping, then your stories seem to him wild and far from him. He listens to them as some game that his ideas are not irrelevant. How crazy Brazilian series about the residents of poor neighborhoods. They shout and brawl, and dancing at the funeral. He looked surprised, smiled and forgot. He had in mind is not to start to treat you as well as your ex, but only because it is, in principle, a different person, a different level and with other, more qualitative, foundations and values. Therefore, it is, of course, listen to, perhaps even sympathize with, but as a woman in his interest in you will not wake up.

3. A woman who says nasty things, gossip and nasty details of someone else's biography, unpleasant in itself. Such people, in principle, deter and avert from himself. If you're a beautiful, smart, great, then why are you wash dirty linen in public and tell you that except for the two of you, and do not need to know anyone? Besides, everyone knows that telling such stories, people often exaggerate. Talking like that, she usually shows itself in a wonderful light - she and clever and beautiful, and tried, and hard-working, and he, of course, a complete nonentity.

But by listening to, it is not believed in. All adults know that the severance of relations both to blame, and when the woman carefully whitewash themselves and detractors of the former, it is attracting just unpleasant feelings. In addition, the question arises: if your ex was so bad, how come you're such beautiful and clever, got in touch with him? "Most likely, you are two of a kind" - think of any other person, listening to such revelations. And certainly any man already imagine how you will talk about it the same as if you suddenly parted. And he has a natural desire to escape right now, it is too late.
The best thing you can say to a question about why you broke up, it is something like: "It happened. He was a wonderful person, but just did not work out. "
Remember! Are attracted to the smiling, pleasant to talk to, kind, affectionate and gentle creatures. Are attracted to women who look at the world with optimism, that are ready to forgive and understand. When you look at a happy person - I want to be with him, because it seems that you are in this atmosphere will become just as happy. Forget the old, look forward and do not remember (at least out loud) about the poor.

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