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Imposed stereotypes have no place in bed

Imposed stereotypes have no place in bed
Many women are familiar jealousy caused her friends with stories about their incredible orgasm during intimacy with the pious. Among dissatisfied with their success in sex there and men. Of course, the reasons may be different, but very often blame themselves stereotypes.

One of them - the claim that regular in bed experiments have become the norm. And so begins a desperate search for new positions and unusual places to practice "this." But as a result, instead of the long-awaited pleasure Partners harassed each other, tired and fall asleep, turned to the wall. And no wonder. Not all people are physically able to accurately reproduce complex postures from the "Kama Sutra." What kind of pleasure can there be when the thought only about whether everything is done correctly?

Another popular myth is that in order to guarantee a strong relationship intimate relationship the couple should take place as often as possible. When you read about it in magazines or hear from friends, involuntarily you compare their lives with her. Often this is followed by a sad conclusion: the partner pays you a little attention. And then - a claim and mutual resentment.

Unfounded as the belief that orgasm has to be simultaneous. The main thing is that it happened at all. And do not forget that your satisfaction for you both are responsible, not just a man. So you have to show enthusiasm in bed at least their "halves".

According to sexologists, from sexuality has two components: an erotic and romantic. And only in the presence of both of these components can get real pleasure from sex. Forget invented rules. The main thing in a relationship - love and care. Only this will help to achieve an intimate harmony.

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