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Seven steps to love

Seven steps to love
Some psychologists use in their practice of Vedic knowledge, according to which the relationship between two people go through several stages, stages. If the couple knows about these steps, it passes them with the least damage to their relationship. It is important to realize that the relationship between two people became stronger and came out on the other an adult level, these steps need to pass. Thus, the relationship 7 stages.

Stage 1-candy buketny stage. A man in love, he is flying in the clouds, his soul overflowing enthusiasm. Voice, appearance, habits, habits of the partner, all is admired by a man in love. Although from the outside it is quite an ordinary man with ordinary looks and mediocre acts. If couples get married at this time, then after a while some of them, or both, may find that you have chosen to itself in the second half a man who did not know.

2 stage- stage of drunkenness. It is not enthrall partner's eyes, feeling satisfied, you can think about something else, go back to the familiar life. At this stage, partners are lazy and lack of initiative. The man did not have running at breakneck speed on a date, and the woman does not wait all day for him to call.

Stage 3 - disgust. Antipode 1 stage. Now partners exaggerate the shortcomings of your partner, as well as once they exaggerate its merits. They do not see their own shortcomings, but their partner's flaws they see as through a magnifying glass. If the explanation of the relationship and quarrels turn into fights reproaches and accusations, and the couple is not seeking a way out of this situation, the couple usually parted. Partners wishing that their relationship was all as before, is built on love, trust and respect for others. I would like to again romance and passion.

Stage 4-patience. The pair have already realized that quarrels and recriminations do not lead to mutual understanding and try to solve problems without forcing their grievances to the corner. Dialogue takes place, where the couple works to preserve the relationship, try to understand each other.

5 step-respect. The first stage of love. Partners are not confined to the duty of your partner and give your debt. Love in their concept, this bowl, in which the two are investing their own. Partners no longer claim from each other, are turning inward, not behave as consumers, but as creators. Most of the pairs did not reach this stage, remain on the first three stages.

6 step-friendship. This stage is excellent preparation for the present and the light of love. The couple knows each other. Know dreams, advantages and disadvantages of yourself and a loved one, respect their needs and their partner.

7-stage love. By this stage, not many come, there is no passion, no illusion, no selfishness. There is love, is this love, which is written in the books, write poems. By this stage are lifelong, love must be earned, it must grow. Knowing all these stages, some couples living in the hope that over time their relationship grow into love. But there is no need to wait, here it is necessary to live, to experience all stages of their mind, heart and soul.

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