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Stages of development of relations between man and woman

Stages of development of relations between man and woman
At the first stage there is tension. Many do not understand the relationship. "Buketno-candy" Often, this period can be called. At this stage, there is love, the partners constantly need each other. This stage lasts until the first big quarrel. It was after a quarrel a man realizes that his woman can emit not only pleasant aroma, but something worse. If the partners were able to sustain openness in the relationship, able to accept each other's true, then they move on to the next stage of relations.

The second stage - the stage of the conflict. If the first stage of the man and woman in symbiosis existed, then the distribution of roles in the second stage occurs. Everyone wants to show its true face, wants to assert its role in the relationship. In other words, the second step can be called the stage of polarization. Man and woman can often swear, not understanding each other. They actually swear on trifles. At this stage, it can also occur big quarrel. The second stage ends quickly enough. The couple begins to live in harmony, or they decide to leave. If a man and a woman are still together, then one of the partners is dominant in the relationship and the other partner it takes. It happens when one partner does not want to lose the lead in the relationship. These months are in the second stage and constantly quarrel. This is not the best development of the relations.

When a man and a woman moved to the third stage, they entered the stage of stabilization relations. They are willing to accept each other for who they really are. The struggle between the man and the woman retreats. Begin the search for how to live together peacefully. Often it is at the stage already have children. They taught me. Couple wants to have peace and love for the sake of the new pieces of life. But if the partners were able to achieve harmony without children, it just shows once again that they do as they want, rather than how it happened or not. In the third stage are the place to be cooperative tradition, such as dinner together. But there is a peculiarity: the partners are slowly beginning to live each in their own world. This does not mean that they have decided to move away from each other. That external factors bring to life a pair of some variety. It is necessary to ensure that partners are moving away from each other. If it does not, then the partners are moving to the fourth stage.

In the fourth stage, the time relations. Serious conflict no longer exists. Men do not need to prove anything else, and the woman takes all the flaws in this man. It is ready to be with them in spite of various factors. This time can also be called "sweet", "tasty".

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