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Six Rules, which is worth remembering in a dispute with a woman

Six Rules, which is worth remembering in a dispute with a woman
Every day there are situations that may lead to a dispute with his girlfriend. And very often it turns out that a man loses this dispute. And the indicator "loss" to the dispute does not depend on which side the truth. It is difficult to imagine a person who has won the dispute. After the participation in it - is a loss. This flow of emotion, and sediment, and sometimes possible serious consequences.
Described below tips will help smooth out conflicts with women, as they are based on their psychology, which, unfortunately, many do not understand.

If it came to a dispute, then, first of all, do not raise your voice. It is obvious that women themselves may not always follow this rule. However, in the first place, it is necessary to control themselves. The moment in which you raise your voice, bring the dispute to a deeper and more serious level. It will be difficult to finish. In addition, the cry will not be able to explain anything.
Convey my point of view to the partner's quiet, but not chew as a child - she may think that you consider it immature.
At that time, when a woman begins to speak as calmly as you dispute It can be regarded as complete.

Women believe that men do not know how to listen. They are desperately trying to convey their point of view, pleasure or pain to the partner, but nothing happens. When there is a conflict situation, the woman even more tends to be heard under the power of emotions. So become as the person who hears it. Let her speak out, does not focus on increased call tone. And then, when it's your turn to speak, use her own words and phrases in order to convey their point of view. It may be the opposite. But, using her words and thoughts, you will show that you are listening to it, that you care about her opinion. Naturally, this will smooth the conflict.

Do not let the fact that the theme of the dispute spilled over into a different direction. You started with a discussion of the little things, and a dispute arose on the basis of small differences. It is not necessary to do so that it flowed in finding relationships in general. Do not remember old grudges. If the cause of the dispute - the poor behavior of one partner, do not remember the previous cases, even if they look like and edifying.
It is more valuable than just maintain the relationship. And if we understand the situation, the one that is happening here and now.

Another great way to end a dispute with a woman - is to admit that you are wrong. Yes, very often each person presses pride. But if self-assertion is that the relationship will collapse or become less strong? You know better. But if you intend to build a life with a man, the petty quarrel soon be forgotten if it is not drawn too much attention.
In addition, women often believe that it is they must always give way. Do yourself a woman and pleasant - ledge.

Do not be afraid to show their emotions in a dispute. Perhaps you, like many men who think that their emotions have to hide. But a person close - exception. Show that you care, that you care about and a woman, and the topic of discussion. Show that you also like to hear the sharp reproaches and angry words. And in any case, the woman does not hint that it is too emotional. It can stop a dispute right now, but it can also be a cause of smoldering resentment.

The next tip is suitable for the conduct of any dispute. Do not get personal. If you argue at work or in society, discusses the important topic, you run the risk of being branded a man without manners. The same applies to the dispute with the women. Do not get personal. Do not say that an event has occurred because it is - irresponsible people. Do not mention her personal qualities.
If you get down to insults, then this may be the cause of separation, or of a larger argument. It is unlikely that you will be able to return all. And certainly you do not return the relationship to the level of trust that has been to the dispute.

Undoubtedly, the essence of each dispute lies in its decision. It is better to not have to prove his innocence, and think of what to do to fix what happened. If we are talking about the ideological dispute, the above tips will serve as an excellent solution!
Very often, our fervor and desire to defend his point of view, played a cruel joke with us. Cooling down, we realize that it was not worth it. Therefore, no matter what happens, keep sober mind.

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