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6 most common mistakes women in relationships with men

6 most common mistakes women in relationships with men
Woman and man - two being completely opposite, but this does not prevent them to live under the same roof, to create a family. Good, harmonious relationship rarely built by themselves, it is necessary to work on them, improve them to the house ruled harmony and peace. In many families, this makes only one of the spouses or the relatives intervene. But in any situation, the guardian of the family hearth woman should be - it is often it affects the peace and comfort in the house.

In any relationship, even in the most hard, there comes a time when one of the spouses is running out of patience, and a conflict arises. Or even worse - people leave. To prevent this, do not want to learn some of the most common mistakes, which, according to psychologists, admit a woman in a relationship.

Excessive control.
It is not necessary each hour to call my husband to know what he was doing. Do not secretly read his posts. Would you like it if he read your correspondence? He, too, is not obliged to tolerate such an attitude. Each person simply need his own space where he can do what he wants to be alone with himself.

low self-esteem.
There is no woman who would be satisfied with their appearance, but because loving person takes your soul mate for what it is. And if he will have to console pious and persuade her every day that she is beautiful, sooner or later, his patience will end. Do not think that there is someone better than you, just live, enjoy life and sincerely believe your husband when he says that you are irresistible.

If quarrels occur too often, they are able to lime any person, man and woman doing irritability, nervousness. We must learn to give each other disputes, to compromise and to keep evil - is the foundation of a strong family.

Obsession for yourself.
creating a family to realize that is the time when the main word was "I" passed. Now there is a new word, "We." Do not tell the man that you are better than him, he needs to see in you a friend, not a competitor.

The desire to re-Spouse
There is a good yardstick by which you can determine whether you are ready to live with a person for life - think about whether you will be able to endure all his shortcomings. If yes, then this is your man. After all, there are flaws in every person, and to remake himself under the character and habits of adult men are not so simple, and the consequences can be the most unexpected.

unkempt appearance.
The standard picture - married and relaxed. Hello extra weight, no makeup and dirty robe. But the man would not have loved you so, and if you want to live with him for a long time and safely, do not forget about their appearance, highlight, at least 5-10 minutes a day to take care of themselves, so as not to come a time when your man is disappointed in their choice.

In conclusion, it is worth noting: to maintain the same warm relations, as they have in the beginning, try to control emotions, to think before you do anything or say. The conflict is much easier to prevent than to settle.

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