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Secret meaning on our lips

Secret meaning on our lips
Communicating with a person, particularly close attention is paid to the eyes and lips. As we carefully assessed in response. And if you can make expressive eyes using mascara cilia and twisting, then lipstick, everything is much more interesting. Its color is not just complements our image, but also has a direct influence on our interlocutor. All that we say, takes on a special hue and receives an additional meaning. And what color is best to choose when to be a workshop, chat with friends, or a date with the one and only? Let's face it.

Hundreds lipsticks hues filled the shelves of cosmetics stores. Red, purple, beige, pink, coral ... This magical arsenal true woman. Each of these colors makes its appearance, and each of them we will pay special attention to.

So red. The color of passion and desire, the color of blood and fire. The color, which we can not pay attention. The color that attracts and lures. The color that inspires action, and warns about the dangers. It should be used in make-up shades of red lips, and we do not remain unnoticed. Red is a strong emotional response and is associated in people with friendliness, attraction and excitement. It is this color, it gives your lips the most attractive to the opposite sex. And if we want to create an image of the bright, active, stylish, sexy and self-confident woman - urgently Stored red lipstick shades.

Pink - the color of warmth and tenderness, softness and serenity. The color of innocence and romance. Pink - Child mixing red and white in different proportions. He carries the makings of both "parents". Pink lips attract attention, but do not look as flashy as the red. Using pink hues, we can create an image of an impressionable and naive person, who need care and protection of the air. In addition, well-pink shades skin and emphasizes its color. Pink and has another interesting feature: in looking at him, the body produces a hormone - norepinephrine, which acts reassuringly. We are simply applied pink lipstick, and all told us automatically perceived through the prism of the interlocutor rose-colored glasses.

The most optimistic color, that we can put on the lips is considered Orange. It represents the vitality and sensitivity. Most often it is used in the makeup of the individual creativity, striving for self-expression, looking for inspiration and the power to inspire. As a "relative" of red, orange is a weighty emotional reaction. But if the power of the impact of these colors is about the same, then orange is seen still as a more warm and positive. And if our task to make the impression of a kind, generous and sympathetic, the orange - our ideal.

Next color lipstick category is probably the most difficult and ambiguous to understand. This violet, purple, lilac and shades. In his theory of color Goethe pointed out that the purple - the favorite color of the rulers, it expresses the seriousness and greatness. This color puzzles and impressive. But not all experience these shades as something beautiful and sublime. There are those who are extremely depressing purple. Lipstick shades of fly regularly at the peak of popularity, and purple lips invitingly look at us from the pages of glossy magazines. Use these lipsticks colors should be carefully and only in that case, if the image of freedom-loving, independent and very extravagant person - that's what we want to achieve.

Beige shades of lipstick, we will not add charm and not attract too much attention. Here, our interlocutor will be able to concentrate solely on the meaning of our words. Beige - calm, soft, warm color. It symbolizes harmony and balance. It does not encourage, do not have a strong influence, not to provoke an emotional outburst. It simply makes it clear interlocutor that before him the lady, confident and not inclined to succumb to emotions, a woman who keeps the situation under control.

Now that we know something about the symbolism of the color of our lipstick, we can purposefully influence the human experience for us. Using these young women's tricks, we are able to trigger a whole range of interlocutors in the emotional reactions of sincere friendship and sympathy to the boundless irrepressible passion. Of course, properly chosen lipstick does not exempt us from the need to ensure that what we say when we say and how we say it. With mind-matched lipstick is just one of the strokes, which helps to emphasize and complement our worthy content. But this bar is important and indispensable in the bank worldly wisdom true woman.

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