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How to get rid of the past?

How to get rid of the past?
Dive into your memories - it's one of the best ways to interact with itself.

Despite the fact that our nature is subject to all ages, it takes its roots in the past, happy or not, we owe it to those that we have. We are experiencing some pleasure in memories, regardless of the feelings that they carry. And we know the taste of this pleasure as memories come by chance or we are devoted to them in the evenings alone or with friends. It is the joy of discovery, of finding yourself .... This is the only place where we can not get rid of. Being there - stop it in time. Past - fixed. It does not change.

Often idealized, we are encouraged by the past. At the same time, and sad, it can close us, against our will, unconsciously. It can paralyze us, stop us. The past can be buried now. Tied to the past, we are not able to try everything that is given in life.

What to do? Discard the old albums? Run away from people and places from those that cause discomfort, which are associated with sad events? But getting rid of all this, we are not free from the memories.

You must use the past for the sake of life. We need to face their feelings. We are able to see not only what we are made to suffer, but what we got, then, thanks to which we have grown. The past should be regarded not only as the goods, but also as a resource, a source of something new. Ceasing to be a victim of what is already there, we will be able to create what we really belongs - now.

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