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The main difference between a real man

The main difference between a real man
The main difference between this man has a testosterone hormone . Simply put, men's sex appeal depends on the amount of this hormone in the blood. The body produces more testosterone per day milligrams, but it is not enough to complete the men's livelihoods.

Testosterone hormone regulates the body's development of male secondary sexual characteristics, it affects the formation of the voice, hair growth, stimulates protein production, and from this in turn depends on the formation and development of a beautiful athletic male figure. From the amount of testosterone in the blood depends on the development of creative skills, memory, stamina, performance, character. More of this hormone is directly related to the formation and development of psycho-sexual behavior of men, sperm formation, erection, sexual desire, with the work of the cardiovascular and the nervous, circulatory and urinary systems.

In men, after about 30 years, blood testosterone levels begin to drop. Just at that time men began to develop "a set of middle-aged" and varies model of behavior and outlook. By the 55 th anniversary of the, in the male body is still about half of the hormone and begin to develop "a set retirement age."

There is medical opinion that reducing the amount of testosterone leads to premature death! Most of the serious illnesses are directly dependent on this hormone, or rather lack of it. Male menopause - is not a myth. With age, there is a special protein in the blood that binds sex hormones, and this is what leads to a sharp decrease in their number. When blood testosterone drops to half, begins the real male menopause, with all its consequences. Doctors call this condition - "age hypogonadism" .

Of course, the approach of this age condition, you can postpone or slow down, but that men need to make sacrifices, not all possible. For example, it will be necessary to give up nicotine and alcohol, as well as not to overeat, do not swear, do not get fat, exercise, maintain a completely healthy lifestyle and go on a healthy diet.

Male menopause is displayed on the general health and well-being of men. Appears insomnia, irritability, disturbances in the cardiovascular system, headaches, fatigue, decreased libido. Signal to reduce testosterone, are fat deposits around the waist, reducing hair growth on the face, increased thoracic glands. These symptoms may appear at a young age.

Of course, much easier to find those responsible for their problems in the environment, than to analyze their lives and to get rid of negative habits. For men will be important to sound a phrase that is necessary to protect the health of a young, but starting is never too late. The main thing to remember is that good health zaporuka - a good mood (positive emotions), regular meals (useful, healthy food), good restful sleep and always - physical activity.

Even during the ancient times was known about the strong destructive influence on the human body of negative emotions, and especially gnёva and irritability. Modern research has confirmed that evil, anger people more likely to die from stomach ulcers, heart disease, hypertension. This is more because under the influence of negative emotions biochemical changes occur throughout the body, thus causing hormonal malfunction and death of nervous system cells.

Jules Renard , once remarked that: "Life - a box full of thorny and cutting tools. Every hour we cripple our hands till the blood " .

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