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The reasons that prevent marriage

The reasons that prevent marriage
There are girls who for a long time can not get married. At the same time they are dreaming of a prince, ready to bear children and run the household. But the prince something delayed and did not rush to get married. And it also happens that there is no one to call and get married. As time goes by, the young men pass by, the age of marriage goes the desire to create a family comes to naught.

Interfere with parents ..
There are parents who want their daughter only better. Therefore, each candidate for the hand and heart of his daughter every time they see "something wrong". Internally they want their daughter as possible remain in the family longer. My parents always know best, and therefore always suppress the desire to daughter, trying to keep her from "youthful error".

There is no limit to perfection
If the girl has high self-esteem and habits of a princess, to marry her does not give excessive intelligibility. Sifting really good candidates for second place, it risks losing the very. Having excessive criteria in choosing a partner, she draws himself a certain ideal. Unfortunately, the ideal people do not exist ..

She was not a woman?
Unfortunately, there are girls who scare men. She was so domineering, independent, economic. It works and learns all day long, and the salary buys a new wardrobe. I am convinced that the key to a happy life - is education and careers. Wearing only jeans, do not use cosmetics. She did not say a word - tongue bite. This man in a skirt. Another is offended, why men do not look at her. From a lady close femininity does not smell. Men do not find what they are familiar with such fear.

There girls are chained and squeezed. Inferiority complex, excessive shyness and restraint do not allow them to communicate normally with the opposite sex. These girls are able to go for a long time "in the girls," until there is a man who will take and marry one of them.

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