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How to determine the potential of the men in the beginning of a relationship?

How to determine the potential of the men in the beginning of a relationship?
From the first moments of love with a man does not need to idealize it. Man is not an ideal. Women are often seen in men only an angel, and when the first problems begin attempts, how can all change. We need a sober assessment of the man in the positive and negative sides. If suddenly a woman simply does not see the negative qualities in a man, then it is not necessary to continue such familiarity: the woman is completely fascinated by the man, it can not be a sober assessment of reality.

It is necessary to talk to the man about his life goals and plans for the future. The only way to understand the value of man, his ability to care and to build a serious relationship.

Optionally, higher education plays a role in the formation of man. There are many examples where men are engaged in the affairs successfully without using your study skills. To understand the potential of man, pay attention to the family of the man where he was raised. If a family lives in prosperity, and then a man will achieve good results, if not pogruznet laziness. If the man's family lives in poverty it is likely that a man will not seek to change everything for the better. It is necessary to see the man's eyes and look for the spirit of rebellion there. If you have found it there, then the man will fight poverty, will seek to live not like his parents.

Browse in a man of his capacity, in some cases - is a unique ability. If a man is at the top, with this understanding, and if a man was there recently, and now "fallen from heaven"? What usually men do when they are bad, and there is no support? They begin to degrade, become depressed, in some cases, to drink. But the fate of such a thing: a man can you meet it on its deteriorating stage.

In addition to a variety of factors it is still very important to a man and woman for each other on their energy. A woman can "recharge" your man for various deeds and actions. It is important to correct this man ordered. If a man is in vain spent all power invested in it, then both partners simply runs out over time, and no results will not be.

More briefly on the criteria for success in a man: a man should want to do everything himself, should a comprehensive approach to the implementation of his ideas, should not panic when he had problems.

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