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Phobias courtship period

Phobias courtship period
Fears, and simply speaking, phobias , are common to all. In men, they are the basis of the behavior and quite pronounced.
Fight with phobias is meaningless, because when a boy becomes a man, he is no longer afraid of the dark, he begins to be afraid of women.

Women are afraid of their unpredictability, irrationality, tears, sincerity, etc. Therefore, a mismatch between the base instincts and the voice of reason undermined the male nervous system and psyche.

Phobias courtship period

After dating a man and woman looking at each other, learn each other, and mostly by women depends on the continuation of the relationship.

Realizing their vulnerability in this situation, a man is nervous, giving the impression that he is able to manage all of your desires, but in fact it is difficult to manage. Master the woman he liked interfere with decency and phobias.

Each man during courtship (and not only) is afraid of being rejected because of doubts in its appeal. It is for this reason that the stronger sex great success enjoyed by able women. However, a serious relationship with such personages men have rarely the one hand, man is afraid of being rejected, and on the other - he is afraid to be "one of many more."

The man is afraid to make a mistake and flush out the woman who he liked incorrect action. He was even afraid to undress in front of a woman. Of course, he will undress, when it is necessary, but it will torture the thought of not quite ideal figure, no biceps and many other things that, in his opinion, can cause the woman unhealthy laugh.
But most of all a man afraid of affection and all that It connected with it. And this is one of the strongest phobias.

If the relationship of men present a phobia, then the Internet these same phobias absent. This is due to the fact that there is a data center data center - or a data center, which houses the server and communications equipment, allows you to connect to the World Wide Web Internet.

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