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Men and women: we are so different

Men and women: we are so different
Suppose your husband a few centimeters taller and twenty kilos heavier than you. This is probably the most obvious differences. But there are others. Rather, he, unlike you, do not succumb to numbers and easy "on the spot", can calculate in mind the prices in the store. But you have a lot of chances to win it in a contest at crossword puzzles. He instantly determine at a glance whether your fit "Moskvich" in the "hole" between two adjacent machines at the curb. But when you have to find lost car keys among a heap of junk on his desk, do not hesitate - you will be able to do it much faster.

At the end of the last century believed that the differences in the behavior of men and women have a biological nature. The explanation is simple - in the men brain longer, which means that they are more intelligent. But at the beginning of this century, this theory was rejected. Anthropologists have seen that some women have a brain larger than average men. This led to the assumption that the size of the brain depends on the dimensions of the body and not from the floor. Then there was the theory that the difference in behavior - the result of differences in education.

However, scientists are learning more about some very specific physiological causes of the differences in the behavior of the sexes. Here are some recent studies. There are physical differences between the brains of men and women. Women tend to have a massive «corpus colossum» - nerve "cord" that connects the two halves of the brain.

Some researchers believe that it allows the brain to communicate a lot of information. Using computer technology, allowing to create three-dimensional images in a number of US medical centers found that a woman's brain, on average less susceptible to age-related changes, it is aging more slowly. The number of "gray matter" - the indicator of our mental activity level - in men begins to decline earlier than in women, sex hormones which may well play the role of "defenders" of this kind of brain atrophy.
Throughout his life, hearing the woman is more acute, than men. Even in infancy, girls are more sensitive to sound, for example, to his mother's voice, and more responsive to loud noises. As a result of the experiments it was found out that women are better able to cope with the definition of "clean" audio tones (sounds the same frequency). While the men begin to lose the ability to perceive high frequency sounds at the age of 30-32 years, women, such phenomena occur not earlier than 37 years. British scientists have found that women tend to perceive sounds with both ears, while men are better heard right.

In laboratory experiments, women have proven their ability to better distinguish between sweet, sour, salty and bitter. They are also better able to detect weak odors. Already have female babies smell sharper: in one experiment, when the infants offered a choice of rattles "perfumed" and without it almost all of the girls to choose a toy with the smell. Scientists say that up to 40 years men have better "dynamic visual sensitivity." Their ability to see objects in the distance starts to fall to 45-54 years, whereas in women - between 35 and 44 years.

Men better perceived visual images are likely due to the influence of the hormone testosterone. Perhaps this explains the fact that men more excited from looking erotic publications and that the majority of readers of po*nographic magazines - men. For women is the causative agent of a large touch partner.
On human speech Experts report that women are more eloquent and better express their thoughts. Girls tend to not only begin to speak earlier than boys, but also have a more extensive vocabulary. The test, which was asked to find a way between two points on the map, the men succeeded faster, and they made ​​fewer mistakes. However, women are remembered longer landmarks along the way.

Apparently, the ability of women, particularly in the field of speech and orientation in space, vary depending on the levels of estrogen, which changes during the menstrual cycle. Hormonal cycles men also affect their ability. In a recently published study indicates that men's ability to navigate in space usually improves in the spring, when the levels of testosterone below. Perhaps, on the intellectual abilities of men influenced by the daily rise in the level of this hormone (in the morning), and its decline (in the evening).

Women more than men, prone to depression, anxiety and panic attacks. Researchers have found that mental disorders as a result of physical injury or violence occur in women twice as often than men. But men more likely to become an alcoholic and a drug addict.

As the biochemical studies, women have a lower level of gastric enzymes that neutralize alcohol. As a result, a single dose of alcohol affects women as well as to two man. The impact of alcohol depends on the level of hormones. The greatest effect on women has alcohol just before menstruation. Hormonal medications, such as birth control pills also enhance the effects of alcohol. Love dream visit men and women equally. However, a survey of 300 students at the American College of revealed differences: sexual fantasies of men more open and tend to end up imaginary sex. Women dominated by feelings and emotions - they prefer to dream of kisses and caresses. In general, women tend to indulge in dreams of those they know personally, in dreams of men -. A wide variety of imaginary partners
Studies of the behavior showed that adolescent girls smiling several times more likely than their peers of the opposite sex. This may be due to innate qualities, or simply to the fact that women smile more often, too - and they smile back. In addition, women more often than men, look in the eyes of the interlocutor.

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