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What will say man's eyes

What will say man's eyes
Eyes - a mirror of the soul, and man's gaze can tell us more than words. Do you want to recognize his intentions? Look into his eyes.

Candid look man says that he has shown a clear interest to you. If a woman like him, male pupils dilated. If a hostile attitude towards women - pupils contracted.

If a man at the sight of you looking up, he shows a lack of access in relation to itself. Just promises nothing good look "through" the female figure.

Look "at" tell us about the indifference of men. No matter what good should not count - except for criticism or complaints in the address you will not hear anything.

"Sideways" look can be interpreted in different ways. If eyebrows are raised up men, on the lips of a smile - a man you are interested. If the corners of his mouth dropped, his eyebrows furrowed, eyes tight - man towards you hostile.

If you think a man slips on a woman's body - he shows her sexual interest. Typically, such a view is aimed at open areas of the body, the breast shape, waist, hips. If a man is interested in you, too, return him the same look - and your relationship zavyazhutsya faster.

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