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Men's fantasies

Men's fantasies
Fantasy - is part chelovcheskoy life. Fantasia - a perfect world, where you can relax for a while from the harsh realities of life. Men love to fantasize about many things, but most of their fantasies are sexual overtones.

1. Almost all men fantasize about a woman, a beautiful, intelligent, kind, loyal, passionate, good mistress, submissive, brooks, understanding, etc. Men fantasize about unreal, invented by them as a woman, which in nature does not exist and never existed.

2. Most men are too arrogant and conceited, so they themselves in their dreams appear masters of the world. Only here the size and content of the worlds are different.

3. In young boys - small toys, from large - large. Men love to fantasize about cars, because they are - cars are not just a means of transportation. The car for the man - it is a social status, is the right one (often a friend) with whom you can pootkrovennichat proudly seated behind the wheel.

4. Men often fantasize about that was if ......... ..if I'd let my mind years ago as 10-20 ......... .I would have then would be: single, bagatyuschim, have lived on their own islands, etc. .d.

5. Intimate fantasy - an integral part of the life of any man, but they are pretty mundane. Men in their fantasies inaccessible see women, but very real. They dream to try a new position, which just shy to tell.

Oshibayutsya those who think that the main male fantasy is sex with two women at once, but rather a test of endurance than a dream.

And that's what men do not dream, it's a champagne, candles and silk underwear, because this whole prelude distract them from their main employment, but the sacrifices do not go for the product desired impressions ?!

More men dream of having a hidden camera surveillance, wireless microphones, bugs for wiretapping, means for tracking. Going into the shop spy equipment, they present themselves irresistible secret agents.

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