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Why do men show aggression?

Why do men show aggression?
Most men, keen his aggressiveness, hiding his insecurities for self-centeredness: "I say!". The man is afraid that woman will find more reasonable and faithful study to show the incorrectness of his decision. Therefore, in his male hysteria, he shouts: "I have just said, do not understand ...". Further, if a woman does not understand what's going on with him, and tries to humiliate his manhood by his behavior and disputes, it may show aggression and to use force only in order to stop it.

Feeling better kept in check, according to the men, then they sublimate and give a powerful impetus to his career. Sometimes the stronger sex in the first place puts the prestige and hides for their achievements at work, what prevents his relationship with others. It seems that it is easier to portray the home and workplace formidable chief, than to find ways of cooperation and understanding with loved ones.

Arrogant man usually considers himself invulnerable, so he sat down behind the wheel, driving at high speed, harms their health, without thinking about the consequences - smoking, drinking, spirits, ties fight. Men are generally characterized by actions that may lead to death. This reflects its exaggerated virility. They seek to show their toughness, so choose the risky sports, go to war.

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