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Manicures and nature: what says the nails form

Manicures and nature: what says the nails form
Manicure form of a woman - an important indicator of its nature. Looking closely to women's nails, you can learn about the basic qualities that are inherent.

1. oval shape give your nails women who are constantly trying to understand yourself. They are quite forgiving to yourself, so do not look for flaws in the surrounding people. They possess a developed intuition, thus able to provide a variety of scenarios. With them it is easy to arrange, and the opposite sex, they understand very well.

2. The nails are rectangular - proof tendency to philosophical outlook on life. Women who prefer a manicure, a different firm vital position, the ability to make quick decisions and a desire to lead. They will not let anyone into his inner world, and those men who will be able to gain their trust, will find a very good companion.

3. Sharp nails are subtle nature, are fond of painting and other art forms, have a cheerful disposition, and are distinguished by their romance. However, they can not be considered responsible and purposeful. Such women will not make an effort to achieve something. They are more suitable Actress.

4. Women who neglect manicures, regardless of whether they do so out of laziness or because of principle, a very self-sufficient. They only listen to the voice of reason, and trust only themselves.

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