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Manicure and character

Manicure and character
Psychosomatics says that the hands - is the contact area with the outside world. They are responsible for our communication and what we do.

Knowledgeable people will look at your hands: they are decorated and what you put on them. It is important, whether you are wearing bracelets and watches, gloves, clothing with long sleeves.

Important and manicure, which we pamper your hands. Nails are the first to come into contact with a stranger, the first stretch to the end. nail color can tell a lot about you.

Red chooses vamp. You used to be the center of attention. You appreciate originality and individuality. You are independent, successful and free.

Maroon color choose sensual and strong women. You will not prove anything to anyone. You value yourself and know how to make plans.

The black color is selected imperious woman, who love order and clarity. You can not stand stupidity and weakness. At times, you are cruel, but that you achieve the plan.

The pink color is preferred by those women who dream stand out from the crowd. You do not become discouraged and look at life easy. However, you do not notice many problems.

French manicure - this is the choice of a woman who is not thrilled with the attention. You want to be elegant, but not blindly follow fashion. You develop your own style.

Yellow or orange choose women who are easy to relate to life. You do not have enough perseverance. You share with people power, radiating light from the inside.

Green color selected successful and sensible woman. You are always around trying to act logically. You are successful, happy with life and live in harmony with each other.

Blue color choose balanced woman with a pleasant character. You are very easy to hurt, so you value safety.

The blue color is selected thorough and focused woman. If you come for one thing, you will finish it until the end. Sometimes it's bad when you have a bad mood, we must be able to switch to a different matter.

Motley lacquer paint nails successful and original woman. People listen to you, but you do not feel at ease. You think that everything in your life is not so. Therefore, you are looking for harmony with the help of color.

The shape and length of the nails, too much talk about his mistress.

Short nails are choosing women who do not like conflict. You try to smooth out all differences. You are sociable and open. You do not like to sit around.

Long and sharp nails choose a woman with a fighting spirit. You know what you want, and strive for their goals. But you often konfliktuete with others.

Long and rectangular nails choose women who are able to make an impression on others. You do not donate their time and interests for the sake of something.

Long and rounded nails choose women who are accustomed to act and achieve goals. You know how to resolve conflicts. But sometimes you are too straightforward, because they get stuck on a certain mission. Remember, sometimes you need to rest and switch.

Correct manicure will help you to adjust to a certain situation. Choose the color of varnish based on how you need to do business. You will have the right mood.

If you meet with her friends and going to have fun, make a choice in favor of bright and rich colors. Apply on the nails a bright yellow or orange paint. Do not forget to round off the nail. Dark nail polish and sharp "claws" will awaken in you a desire to compete. You can not relax. You need to deliver an urgent report on the job? Apply on the nails a muted, dark varnish. Suitable wine, graphite, purple. You will be collected and reserved. You want to prove himself a diplomat and to avoid conflicts? Make a French manicure.

Creating the image, do not miss the little things. Manicures will make the right impression on people, and you can stay in complete harmony with the surrounding world.

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