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The way to a man's heart: praise and admiration

The way to a man's heart: praise and admiration
Any man accustomed to the fact that he is the best, incomparable and inimitable for his mom. That's good, take it on the arms! Use praise and admiration as a sweet cake, with which you can get from a man just what you need.

If the favorite did something good, praise it, even if it is small change (for example, he made ​​a litter, bought movie tickets, you lost to the TV remote, etc.). Chmoknu him, admire his intelligence, talent, strength, sexual abilities, kindness, thoughtfulness - what you want. Praise him warmly, sincerely, how would you praised your girlfriend or child. Do not squeeze out praise through his teeth, they say, to you, so be it.

However, on the other hand, did not glorify him how much in vain, and then your flattery will be similar to the cloying treacle. On the contrary, praise him calmly and simply, from the heart. This will keep it self-esteem, it will be comfortable with you, and do it you are not going anywhere. But as soon as he vytvorit something such, just "close the tap with a sweet syrup." That's when he got nervous. Maybe he did not show at first, but in his heart he will be confused! The absence of the usual praise portions - this is the best whip, and for this it is not necessary to swear, to cut, to itch, grumble, grumble, and more. Suffice it briefly and clearly explain to your loved what he did wrong and ... "stop the flow of syrup."

Did you say you are afraid to criticize him and in general to express their discontent - and suddenly he was angry and leave? You silently worried because of some of his actions, but to accuse him - no, no. Do you think that if you start to swing right, then it will disappear from your life. So you prefer him as much praise, and even frankly flatter.

Or the opposite picture: praise from you do not wait. Are you afraid that if you become to praise him, he will sit on your head. So you prefer as much as possible to criticize him, they say, he did not, it's not that way: not called, met, did not buy flowers, do not look, etc. Do you believe that if you do it too much praise, he is conceited, imagine about yourself and God knows what, again, do you handle "Bye!".

All these fears and complexes coming from self-doubt. Be relaxed and natural, for what you have, and manipulate man as you need. Rest assured that genuine praise from your favorite self-esteem, his mood improved, and against this background, you will be able to flatter and easy to persuade him to do what you need. Skillful praise, and without kinks - it means skillful manipulation. Roughly the same clever, charming tamer tiger gives a piece of meat, and he jumps into the ring of fire, but does not intend to do.

As for the fact, leave your partner or not, the more you will be afraid of it, the sooner it will happen. Throw away any fears. It is only at first afraid to bend the line, and then go on smoothly, and you like to be a bold and reckless. In general, love yourself and be charming stervochki, and do your favorite you are not going anywhere! And if you suddenly go away, then riddance - then failed to understand what a treasure he got. Do not worry, you still have your take.

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