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Male psychology

Male psychology
The fact that every study male psychology is ultimately faced with something indivisible, non-degradable, with ineffabile, amazingly coincides with the fact that the uniform phenomenon "duplex", "multiplex personality" split or the multiplication of the human "I", observed only in women.

Mind absolute woman is decomposable to the last atom. Men's psychology can not be completely decomposed into its component parts. That will not be able to make the most perfect characterology, not to mention the experiment. It is the essence of the core, is not amenable to further division. F -agregat, but because it is dissociated, divisible.

The lack of a philosophical point of view in the study of the soul it is shown that it can lead us to comprehend the true nature of man, that no comfort can not deliver us to ensure that we in this way at some point in the future will achieve the desired results. The better the psychologist, the more boring him to study modern systems, such as the male psychology. So they are all together and each separately are making every effort to ensure that as little as possible to pay attention to the unity which alone is the basis of every mental phenomenon. All the more amazing us with his last surprise each such department of psychology, deals with the development of a unified harmonious personality. This unity, which represents the true infinity of thought to create a larger or smaller number of defining its elements. " Psychology as a science of experience " would like to find the condition of all experience in the experience! Such attempts always collapse and renewed ever since for mental, like positivism and psychologism, will not disappear as long as there will be mediocre and opportunist head until you run out of nature, unable to bring his idea to its final completion. Who, like idealism, cherishes the soul and does not want to sacrifice, he must abandon psychology.

Who creates a psychology that kills the soul . Every male psychology wants to bring the whole of its parts, to present it as something due. But more thoughtful opinion recognizes that private events are derived from the whole, as a primary source. So male psychology denies the soul, and the soul, according to its concept, denies all science itself: the soul denies psychology.

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