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Lover trapped

Lover trapped
Becoming someone 's lover, or mistress , you think that you are a protagonist of what is happening. Do you consider yourself a leader who dictates the rules of the game. But in fact, a lover (lover) can never be the most important in that game, in which they participate. The rules and framework establishes only one person - the person who you have a loved one.

Man always seems as if he is in a better position, but being a lover , always gets into the trap. One partner who operates on both sides (is feeling and to legitimate the second half, and lover ), he is the commander of such a "parade". If you think otherwise, then analyze the situation.

Only he who starts a lover or a mistress , says when and where their meeting will take place. The partner can not call his favorite, because it may inadvertently provoke a quarrel between the legitimate lovers. A lover or a mistress should be better than their legitimate competitors, or they will throw or change. Obviously, to be a "secret love" is not as fun as it seems at first glance. And we can only cater to the trap where it is not you, and above you establish the rules of your favorite people.

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