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Love triangle - it is you and the mistress

Love triangle - it is you and the mistress
In the textbooks on psychology describes a love triangle, as a type of romantic relationships that occur between three people. The love triangle between two like the third. In modern civilized society, the competition is minimized. Whether it before, in the days of dueling. Rivalry allowed once and for all.

Psychologists distinguish two variants of love triangles. The first option - he, she, it. The second option - it is, it is.

Let's look at the second option of a love triangle. So, two women and a man. A man is usually looking for adventure on the side only if the current partner, it is no longer satisfied. This refers not only to an intimate relationship, but also a typical family. The first romantic relationships have been bright, and they were replaced by drab existence. Routine and tediousness can unscrew the partners of each other. If you feel that your relationship has become insipid, it's time to change the situation immediately.

Remember the early days of dating. Try again become interesting his favorite, add to your romantic relationships. What is your favorite with you, so you have an advantage over your opponent. A man takes time out to completely break off relations with a woman and go to another. Use this time to your advantage. But do not try to hold him under surveillance, to read the messages in his phone, hack email. Do not make also jealousy. At best, it will not lead to anything. At worst - will accelerate the rupture of relations. Take better themselves. Update your wardrobe, try a new make-up, enroll in a dance school. Remember that the man loves his eyes. Be sure that the mistress meets him head-on.

One of the women's mistakes, especially not working, is that living with a man she is completely dissolved in it, and eventually becomes not interesting themselves or their partner. Conversely, working women can devote all their attention to the work, forgetting about the partner.

Partners living together until they are interested in each other. Take care of your relationship.

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